Does secret clearance transferable even I left job during re-investigate

Last year (2017) I worked at company XXX with active secret clearance. Due to my previous secret clearance was past 10 years period time, I was requested to submit re-investigate eQuip form ( on August 20, 2017) . I left the company XXX in Nov 20, 2017. So my secret clearance became current in-active. Just recently, I get job offer from company YYY. Can my secret clearance be reactivated by company YYY ?
The FSO of company YYY told me that I have to wait for DSS to adjudicate my secret clearance.
My current investigation was closed in January 2018 BUT they did not adjudicate it.
Now it is waiting for adjudication. Do you know how long does it take for adjudication period ?

Even if your new employer can reactivate your clearance, they may not want to bring you on board until your reinvestigation is adjudicated. When you start a new job, the company make an investment of salary and other resources to get you started and up to speed. They may not want to make this investment not knowing for certain that you will be able to continue working.

That is very true but there are other factors, such as whether the company also has unclassified work for you, or whether you have a hard-to-find skill that they are willing to wait. The biggest factor though is having something for you to do while you’re waiting so you are not just sitting around drawing a salary without doing anything productive.

But . . . This is reinvestigation . . . He should still have his clearance during the investigation. I don’t think that changing companies will be an issue.