Archived Clearance?

I had a background investigation completed in Feb 2014. I last used the clearance in Sept 2014. I recently interviewed with a company (3 positions) but because JPAS says my clearance has been archived, they could proceed no further. I spoke with one of my interviewers and he told me he intended to extend me a job offer but after speaking his security people; they told him that my clearance was archived and it would take 3 to 6 months for investigation and he could not extend me a job offer. Can my investigation be reactivated? It was my understanding that investigations are good for 10 years. I am a bit frustrated and disappointed that I was found suitable for a job but cannot proceed because of this archived status. What do experts here say about this situation?

Bottom line this: 24 months after your clearance is deactivated you are required to undergo the investigation process from scratch to get cleared. Had you not had teh break they could have used the investigation.

Thank you for the response. Now I need to see how I can convince companies to hire me without a clearance and prove by my work that my clearance should be re-activated.

It all depends how badly they need people with your qualifications and if they are having trouble finding such people who are already cleared. And of course, whether or not they have unclassified work in the meantime.