Un-Archive record in JPAS

I held a clearance in JPAS several years ago. I received a job offer and accepted. The FSO said that my clearance needs to be un-arhived. She started the un-archive and said it would take 48 hours. A week went by and we are still waiting to have the record un-archived. How long does it normally take? Does the Archived record have to be pulled from a vault manually?

Define “several years ago” . . . If you have not been working a job that requires a clearance for the last two years, this may be far more complicated than you were told.

After two years, your clearance is no longer valid. If you haven’t been out for much more than two years, your new company may be able to get it restored. Otherwise, you are in for another full investigation and adjudication.

Thanks Ed, I stopped working with the company in 2014. Should I tell the new FSO to initiate a new investigation? Or does it need to be un-archived before the investigation can begin?

That part, I’m not sure of . . . Your old records will have to be restored, I suspect, but I don’t know what’s involved.