Clearance Archived

Hello everyone. My clearance was archived in October of 2018 and I’m trying to find out/understand why. My last periodic investigation was conducted in June of 2015. I cleared my unit S2 in October of 2016 and retired from the army in February 2017. In March 2017 I began working for a contractor who supposedly acquired jurisdiction of my clearance. Approximately March of 2018 I left this company to complete a masters degree. In January of 2019 I found my dream job only to be denied the position due to my clearance being archived the previous October. My only thought is that my prior employee never assumed jurisdiction of my clearance and it was archived 24 months after clearing my unit S2. Any thoughts or suggestions how I can prove my theory would be greatly appreciated.

What level clearance? It could be that when you checked into your unit S2 your clearance was still valid and you left right before your PR was due. Because you didn’t have a need for your clearance when it was time to renew because you were pursuing your Masters, the clearance lapsed.

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Velcro essentially captured it. It seems the company never fully rolled you over to them or if they did, the original NAC’s were then out of date. At that point it gets archived. Normally they can request reactivation though. In Feb of 2019 you lapsed even though DoD rarely logs a debriefing, and I have personally crossed over DoD clearances out to 5 years post DoD…after 24 months it gets fuzzier.

Thank you for the replies. The clearance in question was a Secret clearance. My PR still had approximately 5 years left. I was only away from employment for 7-8 months. Someone supposedly had jurisdiction of my clearance outside of that 7-8 month window. I have submitted a FOIA request to determine who initiated and under what justification my clearance was archived. I have been able to get my clearance back and resume employment. I just want to find out what caused me 9 months of unintentional employment and a great job.