Re-applying for a security clearance after loss of jurisdiction years prior

My interim clearance was revoked in 2016 due to a SOR. I returned the SOR with the option for an in-person hearing and adjudication began. At this time, I was onboarding for a new position and the officer was told it would take at least a year for my clearance to be adjudicated. The employer decided to not proceed being that they could not wait a year. I assume at this point, the clearance was considered out of jurisdiction.

Fast forward 4+ years…

I recently was offered a job as a contractor again. Upon being offered the job, the security officer checked JPAS and reported that my clearance had been archived. He indicated he would have it pulled and would follow up in 48 hours at which point I would need to update an equip once forwarded to me.

My question(s) are 1). Are they able to see the status of my clearance before requesting it be pulled from archives? 2.) Will the SOR from 2016 show in JPAS? Will it show as an incident report? Will I receive an interim this time if the last interim was revoked? 3.) Should I report my last interim was revoked? Finally, should I report that I previously had a SOR on the new equip?

Thanks for any help!

Yes to all. One of the questions requires you to self report any clearance suspension or denial.

They know…

One key point is whether the situation that caused you to be denied clearance back in 2016 has been resolved. If you stopped pursuing the appeal once you lost that job then I guess the denial stands. Hopefully your circumstances (whatever they may have been) have changed.

Just to clarify-my interim was suspended, not the actual clearance. I dont see any questions on the equip that ask if an interim was previously denied.

Im assuming if they pulled it from archives, the status must not say anything too negative? I had a warrant at the time and had been arrested so the issue has definitely cleared up. Just very nervous about getting the interim approved.

OK, I understand. Interims are hit or miss. Not having an interim granted or having an interim revoked is not the same as having a clearance denied. However, you may want to say ‘yes’ to previous clearance and provide a brief explanation in the remarks section just to get out in front of it.

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