Interim Clearance revoked

Am new here so sorry if this has been answered before. I have been working the past 2 years on an Interim Clearance as a contractor. Was notified today that my clearance was revoked and I was terminated. Does revocation of an interim not follow the same SOR guidelines? Would the FSO for the contractor I worked for not be notified? I was not notified of anything prior to today.

Likely in the BI something came up requiring a full adjudication. Here is the tricky part…the company can end sponsorship of your clearance for any reason. No clearance, no job. They are paid to put butts in seats. So they want to put people in with interims as they make money billing hours. For them it is easier to cut ties with you and replace with a new person who is able to obtain and maintain the interim until full eligibility. Ask if they were happy with your work and if they are still sponsoring the background investigation.

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That sucks, I tell people to not take jobs based on an interim because they can be cancelled at any time during the process. They don’t give any explanations or reasons for an interim denial, only for the final clearance. Same thing happened to me and I’ve been waiting for about a year for my final and nobody has contacted me at all.

The good news is that I’ve heard of several people on here who had their interims cancelled but they got their final clearance after a long wait.

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