Sponsorship after SOR

After holding a ts/sci ci for 5 years I took the fsp in April. In June I was notified my clearance was suspended due to concerns gained from the poly. In August 2021 I received my SOR letter stating my clearance was revoked. I promptly responded with help from a clearance lawyer. This week I found out my company is letting me go because the contract I was on is being defunded and there is no room to keep me on as an unclassified worker.
Will I need to be sponsored to continue the adjudication process or can I continue the process without having a sponsor for a clearance?

Can you ask your company to keep you on the roster without pay/benefits, or on leave ?
That might help you while you fight this I would think.
Otherwise (don’t quote me on that), the process would probably stop if you don’t find another company to pick your suspended clearance up.

I’m not sure how the process differs once your already have a clearance vs not having had one and receiving a SOR. My existing clearance was revoked so I’m trying to clear record. Do I still need to be sponsored in that case?

I’m not sure about the appeal process in your case (your company terminating you right after clearance revocation…).
I only have experience with individuals that were kept employed at the unclassified level while fighting their SOR.
Hopefully someone else can pitch in.
Depending on the agency, I would think that you would have some sort of due process (even without a sponsoring company).

My only advice is to go through the appeal process (however that may look like) and fight/resolve this now.
Otherwise it will be very hard for you to regain a clearance or even find a new sponsor with a revoked clearance.

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This is the explanation I got from my fso.

After my clearance was revoked (ie when the SOR was determined) I lost my sponsorship. Any appeal would be between myself and the agency and no sponsor is required.