Will a company keep sponsoring you through an SOR appeal?

Is it likely that the sponsoring employer for my TS/SCI (with poly) clearance would stop sponsoring me if I received an SOR? If that happened, would I still be able to appeal it and be granted the clearance?

This is entirely speculative, I’m just a little worried because I’ve been in adjudication for about 4 months for IC agency contractor position and I haven’t heard anything.

Thank you.

There’s no reason for a company to drop your investigation because you received an SOR. It’s part of the process and many people are denied at that level and successfully argue their hearing. But, I will tell you, four months isn’t the time to panic.

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Definitely. Even six months is not at all unusual.

I’ve seen a few reports of people being dropped when they did not get an interim. If you got past that part then I’d say your employer (or potential employer) is in it for the long haul.

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I was neither granted an interim or denied one. It’s one of those jobs where you can’t start work until you get the full clearance.

Thank you Ed, that’s good to know. Everything else moved relatively quickly (about 6 months for the investigation and then the poly). I was hoping adjudication would be done within a few weeks.

During all.of this will they send something to the HOR or just FSO?