Lost My Job and Clearance

Hello, I have just been terminated from my job (08/10/2017) because my interim TS was declined. I held a Secret Security Clearance for over 8 years. The new company I joined in February 17’ wanted to upgrade my clearance to a TS. However, something happened during the investigation which caused them to administratively withdrawal my clearance. Now I don’t have a job or a clearance according to JPAS. I am trying to gather more information as to what I can do to resolve the issues or even see if my Secret can be reinstated. My FSO said that they don’t get much information as to what happened, but as of now the investigation is on hold and will now likely time out unless I get another sponsor. Can anyone provide me with what I can do from here? Since the investigation isn’t completed or finalized. What can I do in the mean time?

Basically there is nothing you can do since there is no one willing to sponsor you for a clearance. Had your company kept you on after your interim was denied the investigation could have continued, but since they did not it was discontinued.

Hello thanks for the reply. So basically what i need to do is find a new job that will sponsor me and start the interim investigation process all over again as if i never had a clearance. Will this effect that process?

You should get a statement of Reasons in 60 days specifically stating what happened and the appeal process if there is one. My experience dealing with SOR’s…no matter how much the employee claims to not know anything about the reasons…they really do. And I had them lie directly to my face repeatedly. What in your background is potentially sketchy? Were you honest on the SF 86 for the initial Secret clearance? Were you consistently honest on the TS upgrade? What is your FICO and what is your recreational drug history? Any arrests? Close ties to foreign nationals? If you are clean in all these areas…I would like to see the SOR. You will be able to appeal the revocation.

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