Effects of Past Suspended Clearance

Excuse me if I do not use the proper terminology.

Background: I enlisted in the Military in 2000 and decided that I was going to move on after my ETS expired in 2014, I was honorably discharged. The first 5 years I held a T/S clearance and then switched to a Secret for “most of” the last 9 (Initial secret investigation was in 2006) (T/S was no longer required for my job).

Why I say “most of” is because for ~7 months from 2012 to 2013 my clearance was suspended for financial discrepancies in my credit. To make a long story short, I went through a divorce in 2011 and my finances went into a negative state. The specifics were stated in the SOR. I went through an appeal process where I put a package together to address each item in the SOR. I paid off some of the debts and had payment plans set up on others.

I had to update my SF-86 during this process, was assigned and investigator who interviewed me and went over my appeal/package, then it went to adjudication where they decided that I could have my clearance back. I had an active clearance when I separated from the Military.

The Present: My credit is the best it has ever been (780-800), every item on the SOR from the past has been paid and is no longer on my credit report. Also, no criminal records, said no to drugs, not a terrorist nor do I know any, etc.

I applied for a job for a defense contractor that requires me to obtain a security clearance. In my SF-86 I disclosed everything that I could think of, including the items on the SOR from the past since it was 6 years ago, still in the 7-year window. I just found out that my interim clearance has been withdrawn but my investigation for my secret is continuing.

My Questions:

Will they investigate the items from the SOR even there already was an investigation on those exact items?

I am just assuming but, could the reason my interim was denied was because of the past financial discrepancies? I moved a few times since I been out but that’s about it.

SF-86 submitted 4/1/2019, interim withdrawn 4/12/2019

I appreciate your input and time

Your fine, the interim’s are not being approved not because of the applicants. It is because the sponsor is not providing justification for the interim’s. Has nothing to do with you. Also they will review your past application and see that the SOR was adjudicated favorably so your good to go. Now comes the long wait, expect 12-18 months to clear.


If you never had an interim secret (this time around), it was never withdrawn. The typical phrase is ‘eligibility pending’, which is their way of denying an interim. 11 days seems very quick for them to have made a decision on an interim, as most cases take at least 1 month to even be seen by an investigator/adjudicator after submission.

Interims are hard to come by these days, and it isn’t possible to tell why in most cases. Even squeaky clean files sometimes are refused interims.

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They likely saw the suspended clearance and cannot give an interim until you are adjudicated. This is what is called “unadjudicated information.” Have no fear of this. You recovered. If it is explainable, it is understandable. You explained it very well, it is understandable. Stay on top of the finances and I believe you will be fine.


Wow, that wait time seems harsh. Either way I will need a security clearance if I want to compete in my field so it is what it is.

Is it possible for the company to go back and provide justification?

Thank You. I feel a little better iterims are hard to come by and they’re people out there feeling that pain too. I’m not sure why it got withdrawn so fast though. I can only hope that this investigation goes as fast as possible

Amber… the issues in SOR were mitigated according to OP. so, he did not have unadjudicated information.

Will the items in SOR be investigated again? Probably… to err on side of caution. However, the adjudicator(s) will see that those issues were favorably adjudicated. So, the adjudicator(s) will likely accept that unless there are new issues/patterns, which I don’t think is the case here.


Awood, I see what you are saying, but I think due to a previously suspended clearance, they want to complete a new BI, making sure it has not reappeared. Sadly, DoD is notorious for not closing out clearances, recording debrief dates, or even properly cataloging when a clearance is reinstated. I’m guessing they saw the suspension, and his inputs on previous finances…in and of itself…that presents a case of “unadjudicated info.” Phrased better, if they said “we see something we want to revisit and weigh,” it makes more sense. Yes, he had an SOR, it was mitigated, and restored. At least in the eyes of whoever held his first clearance. But if they see something requiring fresh review or relook and adjudication, they will file under “Unadjudicated info.” It is a neutral term, simply meaning one who is trained and charged to be an adjudicator, must weigh the evidence, explanation and other data, then make a fresh decision. I had several employees go through the process. They were recleared and it did not have any ominous meaning or impact. Initially I viewed these as negative info. It simply means there is a “something” there we need a fresh clearance decision on. Currently, if they see any bumps in the road, those folks are denied the interim. It can be as Merlin states that those FSO’s are not savvy enough to push back and provide a strong justification for the interim.


Hi Merlin,

When you say “the sponsor is not providing justification for the interim’s.” , is that something that I can speak with my FSO about so that maybe they can request the interim again with more justification? If so I would try to work that route.


No that train left the station a long time ago, you will just open up a can of worms if you try to push them.

You will need to be patient if you want to work in the cleared world. The system is broken.


Hello, I just wanted to update the blog with my timeline. My package is currently in adjudication. Hopefully it gets done soon.

4/1/2019 - Submitted SF-86
4/12/2019 - Interim Withdrawn
5/24/2019 - Interview with Investigator
11/19/2019 - Investigation Closed
Current - In Adjudication

I received notice that my eligibility was granted yesterday. Here is the updated timeline.

4/1/2019 - Submitted SF-86
4/12/2019 - Interim Withdrawn
5/24/2019 - Interview with Investigator
11/19/2019 - Investigation Closed
11/20/2019- In Adjudication
12/30/2019 - Eligibility Granted for Secret Clearance