Filled out SF 86 and have a few questions about past

Hi. My SF-86 was just sent to the government for review to grant an interim clearance and then secret. On my application, I put in the notes that in 1986 I think I had just a confidential clearance while in the Navy. Then in 1999, I recall filling out something when I was hired at Raytheon for a clearance. I believe I had a temporary clearance and a BI was done and I was interviewed but cannot recall what happened with the clearance because at that time in 1999 I had severe credit issues and a 5 year old DUI. I quit that Raytheon job after about a year because of the back log of getting my clearance to perform my job. I was never informed if I got the clearance or not.
I did not put the Raytheon job on my sf-86 because that was about 20 years ago.
My question is: Will this present investigation discover the 2 other clearances I had and what was on each application? Reason why I am asking is that I would like to know so I am not caught off guard if asked why my answer was this in 1986 or in 1999, Thanks.

Yes, any prior applications and or adjudications will be located and will be asked about. You can do a FOIA to get this information.

I tell applicants to list they may have cleared with estimates of dates and agency granting. You aren’t penalized if you did clear but were unaware. Now, if you were cleared, and there was derogatory info included with that agency and you do not report it…that may be a problem. Leaving because you had other opportunities isn’t a problem.

List what you know. Not a big deal, unless you had a clearance denied, suspended, or revoked.

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Thanks for all the replies. I called the copany I worked for in 1999-2000. They ran my name and could find no information but did say it could be in an archive they could not access. It was suggested for me to contact the company that I will be working for to see if they can help with the archive.
About the sf-86 I filled out in 1999: I do know I was on some type of temporary clearance and after about 13 or 14 months, I left that company because I really couldnt perform some of the cool things on my job because of lack of official clearance, I was never told I was denied or approved for a clearance up to the day I resigned. So, if I dont know what type of clearance or outcome, as I stated in the recent SF -86 that I dont know, then I am not worried. I believe the original contained a few credit problems but I am now good with all that after 20 years. Thanks.