SF86 "clearance suspended",..Question

Hi All.

I was hoping to get some clarification on an issue i have.

My clearance is in adjudication with DIA but now awaiting "information from CIA’.

I believe that info is regarding my clearance being suspended in 2013 for about a month.

Since then i have had a PR and SCI adjudication.

I was wondering if i should be leaving off that i have had a that suspension sinceI have had a clearance and investigation POST that suspension.

The question says “have you ever had a clearance suspended” so i put “yes”. Now it is causing me problems because for my next job DIA is checking with CIA on that issue even though i have had a clearance since then and it is taking quite sometime for them to get that info from CIA due to a back log.

Should i just be putting “no” instead?

Don’t you feel that answering No would create more problems if it is discovered you tried to cover it up?

If you had answered “no”, the suspension would have come out anyway. Where would you be then?

These aren’t trick questions to be parse out and used to split hairs. “Ever” means exactly that . . .

I was told by SSO at my company that i could put no since it was reported on my last SF86.

So what are you doing asking us here if you already know the answer?

So . . . You answered, “No” to the question “have you EVER had your clearance suspended” because you had reported it on a previous SF86?

That sounds like really bad advice.

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As you can see, the “answers” aren’t uniform.

Is that comment seriously all you bring to the table?

All of the answers that you get here are pretty much worth what you pay for them. They are opinions because most of this isn’t so black and white. I’ll bring all that you can want to the table but I’m not writing a dissertation here if I’m not certain what I am talking about. So, sometimes we ask questions.

You want me to bring more to the table? You filed a false SF85. You stated that you have never had a clearance suspended and your investigator quickly found out that this isn’t true. Now, you will have to try to mitigate the omission. “My SSO told me that it was the right answer” might do it but you have already been cleared for sometime and this is YOUR responsibility. There was no ambiguity in the question and you botched the answer.

Can you retain your clearance? It seems likely but you have given yourself a much tougher job. If you had answered “Yes” and provided an explanation they would have looked at the suspension and the results and moved past it. This is particularly true since it appears that it was adjudicated in your favor at the time. But, now, they have reason to question you. Will they decide that you were trying to hide something? Who knows . . .

Is that better?

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You absolutely have to answer correctly to any “ever” question regardless of whether you listed it during a prior investigation. I fear for your agency if your FSO is giving such terrible advice.

My previous response was to the other guy with snide remark, not yourself. Sry for confusion.

I have learned that… any answer that is contradictory to plain meaning of something or to your understanding of something, get it in writing.

In this case, if your security officer told me that you could answer “no” to that question, get it in writing. Regardless, I would err on the side of caution and list it

You received an answer from the SSO that is submitting your clearance. Now you come to an internet forum to ask strangers and then try to justify the SF86 you were told to falsify. If a question on a security form asks for something as cut and dry as “ever”, I hope that you would be smart enough to understand how long ever is. But on the other hand maybe the question is there to weed out people like you.


Ah, now i see, not only are you bored with life, but reading isn’t exactly your strongsuit. Where exactly did i say that i “falsified the forms”? I merely asked a simple question because it seemed strange on both ends.

Clearly you have nothing even remotely constructive to add so maybe you should ask yourself the question, “will i ever be rid of this chip on my shoulder?” Then again, you probably already know that answer dont you “smart” guy?