Ts/sci access suspended

My AF TS/SCI access has been suspended because of an inconclusive poly. My commander has suspended my access and is sending it to afcaf adjudication. Is this a normal process?? They want me to move to a new Intel job that doesn’t require a poly and I’m worried about how long this adjudication can take?? Do I have to go through the entire process again (sf86, oomph investigation…etc) ???
Is there a chance I may lose my clearance???

Any answers would greatly be appreciated.
Thank you Sir.

I think a lot of it has to do with your inconclusive poly. I know a friend who went for his FS Poly and when everything was said and done he lost his clearance. Now his case was because it was found that he stole from his Govie Job. I am not sure what your case is but if you did something that is on that scale there is a good chance you may lose it. I recommend you ask an expert to get better advice.

Before you clearance can be revoked the adjudicating facility MUST send you a statement of reasons outlining the issues of concern so that you have an opportunity to provide any mitigating information. This is the due process written into the procedures for all agencies that grant security clearances. If this does not happen then I would seek professional legal advice.

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I am a career intelligence professional w/ a TS/SCI clearance. Today, I went to my 5-year CI poly and “did not pass.” I have passed without problem on my previous ones. I am retesting next week, but the specific things the polygrapher had problems with make no sense. He did not mention deception, but said I was having “problems” with multiple questions. Since I was completely honest, I’m not sure what to think. My question is … if I do not pass the CI poly next week, I understand I will not be able to work w/ this particular agency. But what does this do to my TS/SCI clearance in JPAS (PR adjudicated w/ no problem last year … have had TS/SCI for 20+ years). Does this “fail” show up in JPAS at other agencies that DO NOT require polys? Does my clearance get revoked totally? Is the whole thing transparent outside this agency?