Inconclusive NSA Poly

Good evening. I held TS/SCI for couple of years. Took two polygraphs within couple of weeks and both came back inconclusive, I was read out and my access suspended (JPASS). My case has been with AFCAF for several months now. What is the process?? Can they deny my clearance even if I didn’t FAIL my poly?? If so, under what guidelines?? How long is the process for adjudication (it’s been 5 months already) ?
It’s taking very long, this waiting game is driving me crazy because it’s putting my professional life on hold. My commanders are siding with me on this one but I guess the decision needs to be made at AFCAF level.

Thank you for your time and any input…

You say they suspended your access, does that mean just SCI or all access? Either way, before your access can be permanently revoked they are required to notify you as what the issues/concerns are and allow you to respond and provide mitigation. The timelines vary, but should be within reason.

All access is suspended which includes SCI.