Successful clearance appeal, now what?

I had my TS//SCI clearance pulled late last year which was held by DCSA.

The clearance was pulled due to the NSA adjudication process and denial of access to sci. Which in turn I lost my position on a contract and I’m no longer with that company.

I was able to successfully appeal at an in-person board hearing a few weeks ago and received a letter that I’m “eligible to continue processing for access to SCI.” by the NSA.

I’m sort of at a loss as to what if anything happens next. Does DCSA take the successful appeal at the NSA and reinstate my clearance?

Do I need to follow a different process with DCSA for clearance, separately from NSA?

Would it just be easier to continue on with processing my clearance with NSA rather than waiting on DCSA or w/e that process entails?

I’m not sure if I’m asking the right questions here but I’m really not sure where to turn to.

You’ll need another sponsoring employer to reinstate your DOD clearance.


I think this just means you have a collateral TS and would need a sponsor for SCI. It can be done, just need to find a company to do it. Sounds easy i know, but they dont like to do the legwork if they can just get some green military kid with SCI for peanuts. Keep your head up and just apply, apply, apply

Question, when you say “clearance got pulled”, do you mean you were denied or revoked ever?

Did you have an SCI before this?

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Clearance was revoked.

I had an TS SCI prior to this with a CI poly.

I think the only unknown for me is how DCSA handles the appeal through the NSA.

Also I did hear back from the NSA as well and they’re requiring me to go through the entire process again unfortunately. Fullscope Poly and all that. Kind of ridiculous after succeeding with the appeal.

But from what @SCLawyer said, it sounds like I just need a company willing to sponsor now to get my clearance reactivated to what it was at previously. Fortunately, I have some good prospects coming up.

I feel you. That is unfortunate and not fair if you successfully defended yourself BUT atleast they are giving you the opportunity to process.

Are they starting the re-investigation and poly or is there a hold?

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Yeah it was good in the sense that I of least felt vindicated after the appeal board. The process is something that can definitely drag you down over time.

Too soon to tell, waiting to hear back. Just started filling out the paperwork again.

@Triskit I am in a similar situation. Were you able to get your collateral TS restored?

Hi @pawngobbler I apologize for the delay in responding. Currently, there aren’t many updates. The NSA has responded, indicating that, at a cursory glance, it looks like everything has been submitted correctly. They are going to conduct a review to ensure there’s nothing wrong on their end and will respond back to the law firm.

Unfortunately, DCSA still hasn’t responded to the law firm’s request to correct the issue. I’m amazed at how poor the response and service from DCSA have been.

I’ve been offered a job that requires a Public Trust clearance, and I’m concerned that the unresolved issue will affect my ability to obtain it. My clearance still shows as revoked, with no mention of the NSA’s decision to overturn it. This is especially worrisome since DCSA handles Public Trust investigations, albeit in a different department.