Confusion over clearance revocation process

Here’s my story, in 2021 I got my TS/SCI CI revoked after I took a FSP with the CIA. The SOR was related to guideline E Personal conduct in which I had physical altercation with a family member. No criminal charges or history of violence prior to or since. I responded to the SOR through an attorney and completed my personal appearance 3 months ago. My lawyers believes I have a good chance of regaining my clearance. I have a clean history and provided personal letters of recommendation from work and my past work reviews have been good.

With that said, since the SOR, I was able to obtain Public Trust with the FAA fairly quickly even though I am still in the process of appealing my SOR. And recently I transitioned to a DOD project in which I was sponsored for a clearance. I didn’t have to submit another SF-86, but I did state in my screening questionnaire that my previous clearance was revoke and I was pending an appeal.

Without my knowledge my company sent my information to the security office and within a couple weeks I was approved to TS clearance. I’m not sure at what level… So I’m confused. I thought I wasn’t eligible for clearance until my SOR was adjudicated. And what happens if I get an unfavorable outcome? Also, I thought I needed to wait 2 years before I could re-apply for clearance again. This is very confusing.

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That original TS/SCI that was revoked, was that with DoD? If not then maybe the DoD customer was able to make their own determination independent of the other clearance.

But you’re right, this is a confusing situation.

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