SCI Access Revocation Process

I recently held a TS/SCI access clearance and took a poly exam for access to another compartment sometime ago. During the adjudication process my Corporate Secy Officer was notified that my clearance is to be immediately revoked. He said I would receive a Stmt of Reasons within 45 days. I am now wondering:

  1. What happens if the government agency does not provide the SOR within 45 days.

  2. Where does one go to find a complete overview of the appeal process

Thanks everyone for the hlep

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It seems to me that you are not being given factual information. First of all, an FSO cannot revoke your clearance, they are merely the intermediary between the govt. agency that grants the clearance and your company. Second, they cannot revoke your clearance without due process. Based on this, I would guess that in your case the govt. agency informed your FSO that your clearance was suspended pending issuance of a statement of reasons with the intent to revoke. A suspension has no appeal process and there is no definitive timeline for resolving a suspended clearance status, only that the govt. agency proceed with due diligence once all the facts around the reason for the suspension have been discovered and presented.

Thanks Marko. Your description is correct I just don’t know all of the proper terms. Up until a few weeks ago I did not know what a SOR was. Still have never seen one.

Thus my request to find where one goes to better understand the process.


The SOR will outline the process for you and provide you a POC for questions. You did not indicate who granted the TS, but if by the same agency that teh SCi access was approved then the process is all rolled into one.

Thanks for the info. But will the FSO tell you if they receive a message from DOHA about your clearance? Or does the FSO have to research you?

Mr_gonzo1075: Because it’s for SCI, DOHA is not involve at this stage. They may never be involved depending on which government agency suspended the clearance.

dr_mike: The process is different for contractor SCI cases versus non-SCI cases and there are also differences between the 3-letter intel agencies and some other agencies that use polygraph.

Thanks for that. Will DOD CAF let my FSO know or will they have to put my info in such as my SSN and let my supervisor know?

Again, there are differences in the procedures depending on the adjudicative facility involved and whether it’s an SCI case. Most SORs are mailed to the applicant’s security officer. For contractors the SOR is in a double envelope and the FSO only sees the content of the outer envelope. The sealed inner envelope is given to the applicant by the FSO after the applicant signs for it.

I have received the SOR stating Guideline 4 due to two different issues noted. One is partly true but overstated in terms of frequency of occurrence. The other is simply not true. I am now deciding the best approach to be able to reapply in Feb 19 (12 months after clearance revoked). Problem is I have a valid, current DOD -TS clearance. The secy officer in my company submitted an SF-86 in August of 16 for an SSBI by the DOD customer. And an investigator is now calling to do that investigation. I need advice how to best keep my DOD clearance. What do I say in the investigation. Secy officer shows in my records that SCI clearance was debriefed in Feb 18, and there was an “incident” at that time. (ie likely my SOR decision etc.) He says they may be investigating that. Help I’m under attack!

You need to respond to the SOR . . . Dig into the mitigating factors for their “reasons” and prepare a defense. A consult with a clearance lawyer won’t cost you anything. If they have actually overstated their case you have a great shot at winning the appeal.

But, you have to get on this right away.

For contractors, once we receive an SoR, does that mean that the clearance is suspended immediately?

It’s the opposite at least in my case. The govt secy office notified my FSO that my clearance was revoked by email. He called me, took my badge and said he had no idea why. Somehow in the database he could tell it was stemming from the poly adjudication. He said the govt has 45 days to send the SOR (which I don’t think is true). It took 2 months. I have 45 days from receipt to respond.

Any update on this? Where are you in the process? (What in the world started all of this?)