Lost SCI Access

While I was awaiting access to a classified site the SSO at my company submitted my SF-86 for my PR. The PR was adjudicated however only as a TS, not TS/SCI. Several security managers with access to JPAS told me that I no longer possess SCI access because only TS access was requested on the PR and NOT TS/SCI.

SCI read-off is within the 24-month window however the adjudication of the PR effectively downgraded my access and may have removed SCI eligibility.

To cut to the chase, another company took over my clearance and requested “Review”. Six weeks and still no word on whether SCI Access can be re-established. How long should it take? Is there any recourse?

Additional Question: Can you be granted a TS but denied SCI eligibility? This is for initial investigation.

SCI access approval is entirely separate from the T5 investigation used to grant a TS and is dependant upon the granting agency. And yes, SCI can be denied and TS eligibility maintained, depending on the reasons for the SCI denial.

Thanks for the response, they eventually realized their mistake and
re-established SCI eligibility.

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Additional question as well: If my SCI access reinstatement was denied by one sponsor, can it still go through via another? I got 3 inconclusives on FS polys and was pulled from access but kept my clearance. 4th time around I passed but MADO still denied reinstatement. Could I go through another contracting company and get it back on a different contract?

I had a similar issue with my SCI last year. The company I worked for only submitted my PR for TS, not TS/SCI, consequently when it was adjudicated it was downgraded to TS. Because I work for DoD the adjudication was through JCAV, though I could not reach them directly I think someone put a word in for me and eventually they fixed the mistake and re-established it. Re-establishing an SCI should not be difficult but few companies are willing to hire you while waiting for re-establishment of the SCI, From what I understand in the absence of any new derogatory information, it takes approximately 6 weeks to re-establish the SCI. In short you it is worth looking around for a sponsor who is willing to work through the process, either by placing you in a program temporarily that only requires TS or making some other arrangements.