Reinstating SCI

My TS/SCI reinvestigation was in 2016, but my TS was not adjudicated until 8/2018. I was told the reason it took so long is that DoDCAF will not adjudicate until they know who is requesting the SCI so they can move over to the branch to adjudicate for that access. SCI is not required for my current position, so my FSO let DoDCAF know and SCI was removed from my reinvestigation. My TS was then adjudicated. Now, less than a month later, I have an opportunity that requires active “TS / SCI Eligible” status before being hired. JPAS no longer has me as SCI Eligible. My question is… since my TS was adjudicated less than a month ago without the SCI, will I have to go through the entire process again as though I never had SCI? Or is there a time limit of reinstating SCI after TS adjudication? If so, how does that work?

If same client, they will pull your BI and use all that is able to be used. Moving between, say State and an Intell agency…not so easy. Reciprocity requires it…but they do not always share info.

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