TS to SCI process

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I’m trying to understand the process of going from TS to TS/SCI.
I originally thought that it was just a matter of being nominated, getting a ticket, passing any required poly (if any), and getting read in.
However after a little bit of research, the process seems a lot longer.

Say a candidate has a recent T5 SSBI, DOD TS, working for a defense contractor.
The contractor decides to sponsor their SCI access, with a non too-picky IC element.
From what I’ve read, it seems like the process might be the following:

  • Contractor nominates the candidate to a DOD IC element
  • Intelligence Special Security Office (SSO) now owns the candidate and requests an SCI adjudication to (DOD CAF?)
  • DOD CAF adjudicates the SCI eligibility using the exact same information and adjudicative standards as the TS
  • The SSO would then allow or deny SCI access (based on the candidate’s adjudication content, program requirements, schedule polys if needed…)
  • Contractor indoctrinates the candidate and enters their SCI access in SC.

Am I completely wrong, or is that roughly the process that would happen?
I understand that the SCI access would reside in SC.
However where would the SCI eligibility reside? JPAS or SC? (in short, would JPAS even see the SCI piece without an SC -> JPAS transfer).


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Can anyone shed some light on this process?


I am actually curious about this one as well. Both would require a T5. Can the original TS investigation/adjudication be revisited to determine further SCI eligibility, or does it require additional field work?

Also interested in this.

My personal experience in the SCI world is that normally SCI/SAP have additional adjudication restrictions/concerns. If your last investigation falls within that Agency’s recency rules - then the last investigation is adjudicated using the last ROI and the SCI/SAP adjudication rules. There might be additional records "pulled’ or additional fieldwork might be required to address issues or fill in recent gaps.

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