SCI Adjudication Question

Hi All –

I’m a Fed. contractor who recently changed jobs. I have held a collateral TS via DISCO since 2010 and am now being submitted for SCI access as a condition of continued employment with my new firm. My SCI packet was submitted the last week of August 2014 and is being processed by DOS/DS/IND. At last check, my FSO indicated that the package was completed and they are “awaiting a determination,” which I assume means it’s in the queue for adjudication. The FSO, in responding to my COR’s request for a status update, also noted that “it’s been there a while after three requests.” No explanation of what those requests were was provided.

I’m wondering whether the adjudicative guidelines governing my successful TS adjudication are the same as those applied to SCI applications? My investigations history is as follows:

  • 2004-2005 - Applied for position at Langley - Received suitability revocation of COE noting I had not been denied a clearance. Specific reasons for determination were not provided in their letter.

  • 2007-2008 - Applied for position at FBI - Received suitability COE revocation based on “personal conduct” grounds; filed FOIA request for records with nothing provided.

  • 2009-2010- Applied for and granted a final TS via my previous contracting firm and have held the TS in good standing since then.

I’m wondering whether the issues that caused my suitability-based COE revocations at Langley and FBI, all of which have been mitigated by the passage of time (7-10+years for each issue) and none of which have been repeated since being granted the TS, might be seen as substantial enough to deny SCI access now? In other words, given the sensitivity of the compartment I’m being considered for, might past issues, despite zero recurrence and the passage of time, be used to deny access and potentially revoke my TS? (I’ve read horror stories of SCI access denials being accompanied by full clearance revocations…).

Any insight would be very much appreciated.


SCI access is totally incumbent upon the granting agency and their criteria, which can be more stringent then for a TS. Without knowing the specific issues in your past I cannot advise further, but when concerns are present in SCI applications, they will take a while to resolve.