Went in for TS came out with TS/SCI

I just got my email that I got a TS/SCI… great news.

Took about 5 months from eqip to approval.

Anyone know how a SCI could be added without me knowing?

Process was through my company, a fed ctr, I am also in the USAR.

Only thought is my USAR boss said or did something in process to add the SCI?


There’s really no investigative difference between a TS and an SCI, it’s more in the adjudication and the paperwork to be signed. An SCI doesn’t mean much either until you’re actually “read on” to whatever requires it. They must have determined there may be a chance you might need it at some point and should be adjudicated accordingly now.

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The Tier 5 investigation is the basic investigation for the high risk critical, TS, TS/SCI positions.

About 17 years ago, the BI process started combining requirements for similar investigation types - most had minor differences. This was the start of reducing the investigation types from more than 10 to the present 5, and hopefully one day to only three investigation types.

Congrats on your successful adjudication.

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Anything is possible. But in cases it’s good news. You may have a certain qualification set that snagged someone’s attention. They have a plan for you. So they buttonholes you for that SCI project.

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