Active TS, Being put in for an SCI, does this mean re-investigation?

My TS was adjudicated in the middle of 2018, and worked at 2 places after (one full time and one contractor) and then I started my current job full-time with a company supporting the NGA (National Geo-spatial Intelligence Agency) and it requires an SCI with a CI poly. Since my TS is active and was adjudicated last year, does this mean I will be re-investiagted? I understand the SCI is not a clearance and is just a determination of need (my SSBI said I was SCI eligible). But does this mean that they’ll go and interview my supervisors from my last two positions? Or re-investigate me from scratch?

No you won’t be reinvestigated.
You’ll be put in for a CI poly (which you need to pass) then you can get indoc’ed (indoctrinated) by the government agency into the relevant SCI compartments.

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