Will companies sponsor my TS clearance to be re-activated??

I was previously TS/SCI cleared, working as a cryptologic language analyst for the military. My last Periodic Review was at the end of 2011 (and the last period I was actively using my TS clearance was 2014). I’m hoping to apply for the same TS analyst jobs again, but I’m wondering if it’s even possible for me to get rehired again.
Two questions:
Is it a possibility that at least some companies will sponsor me to get re-investigated, even though its been 7 years since my last PR and 4 years since I was last using my clearance?
How should I present this situation on my resume?

if they want you, they will sponsor you.

You can list that your last TS/SCI background investigation was a Periodic Review completed in 2011. This reflects the level you were investigated and that you had the TS long enough to have a PR.

Sure it is possible. The odds will be better if you have some hard-to-find language. In the meantime, maybe look into options to brush up your computer skills so you can pass yourself off as a Cyber analyst which is the big thing these days.

I would try the CIA.

You fall into the 24 months break in service rule if you’re not actively using your security clearance. Since you’re several years out of scope they will need to submit a new T5 (TS) before you can be SCI indoctrinated again.

Thanks everyone for the helpful advice.