companies that sponsor new clearances

Former military with an archived TS/SCI. Wondering if anyone knows of companies needing personnel and willing to sponsor for a clearance?

Check out, get a linkedin account and simply put that exact sentence and put it out there, or…but your TS/SCI is archived so you would have to start from scratch regardless of clearance needed. So if starting from scratch for just a Secert its taking almost a year(some people on here are at the year plus wait), TS with no SCI a year and a half, TS/SCI almost 2 years and TS/SCI w Poly two plus years. The problumnow days is getting a company to sponser you for a clerance from scratch because they know that it will take forever before the clearance goes final.

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If the date of the last BI is within 5 years, even if out of the military 24 plus months…I have seen clearances cross over. Sometimes it generates a re-investigation…but you can clear and work, earn money while the new BI runs. DoD has a habit of not recording a read out date so it appears you are in access. So you can get a fudge factor on the 24 month rule. At times. It depends.

AAR Corp
Triple Canopy/Constellis

Just to name a few… There is plenty of employment opportunities out there.

I have a company willing to help with the TS/SCI but I need to get my Secret back. I don’t get it. When I retired I was running an S2 shop for the USArmy in NATO. I could put a person in for a TS from a secret and have it adjudged in 4-6 months…

Yep, I held a Secret, TS and TS/SCI with DoD during my 24 years in the military, hell I was even a courier for TS/SCI materials in hostile countries, all that does not mean anything. We all have the “back in the day” stories on clearance timelines but those days are long done. Now with the 700,000 backlog, it is simply a very, very long process