Help with clearance

I’m currently in the market for an entry level cyber security /IT consulting job in the D.C/NoVA area, everything that I qualify for requires a security clearance. I’m a US Citizen and can obtain a clearance. My problem is that I cannot find a company to sponsor my clearance. I also speak 5 languages fluently (if that helps).

Anyone on this blog know any recruiters who might be willing to help out?

I guarantee, if you can pass a background investigation and have the Cyber skills to back it up…every company will sponsor you. Do you have the required certifications? Is your credit stable and have you lived a drug and crime free life at least in the past 7 to 10 years? If so I find it hard to believe nobody will sponsor you. If they have an abundance of cleared folks seeking jobs it is far easier to hire one of them. Right now we have what is commony called full employment. That is in your favor. Every company will submit folks to keep their prospective pipeline alive. Keep in mind it can easily take 20 plus months to clear.

Thank you for your detailed response.
I have the skills required for an entry level IT/Cybed job. I have a clean record and all. The only problem is that many of the job postings for these positions require an “Active Secret Clearance.”

Apply, knock their socks off in the interview and they will want to put you in the pipeline. Another route is to accept a support role such as an escort or monitor and get put in for a clearance. From there leverage the clearance to find better jobs. Many times I put folks in for a basic position and work them once cleared until they reach the desired TS SCI. I can get 18 to 24 months out of a good worker and I am happy to see them mvoe on and succedd in a career position later.

I have a SF-86 in process for about a year & half now. I don’t really know the updates on it either …

Any insight ?

Not unusual right now. I have several at 20 plus months.