Government Contractor - Interim or Final Clearance

Hi All,

Has anyone (recently) accepted a position with a defense contractor? If so, what has been your timeline? Has your investigation even begun? Did your recruiter advise you of a timeline?

I have (ish)! I guess that’s not TOO recent… I accepted the position back in April. Submitted all my paperwork in May. Had my subject interview, polygraph and a ton of phone calls of references contacted last month. Advised there were no problems with my polygraph but I am still getting phone calls about more references being contacted so I assume the BI is still trucking along.

Thank you for letting me know, gradstudent! I’m assuming this is for a TS position? These always take longer!

Yep, TS/SCI with full-scope poly. I was told when I applied for the position (it was an entry-level clearance sponsorship job) it would take anywhere from 18-24 months to get the clearance so get another job in the meantime and keep on living life, lol.

I got offered a job with a Secret March 1st turned in my Eqip March 15. Literally talked to an investigator today for the first time. The company that sponsored my clearance doesn’t even return my emails now so idk what’s going. Today I got an email from another company asking to do I have a secret with ability to obtain a TS. So I at this point I can say buckled up till 2020

The person that hired me literally left a month after so I lost my POC in the company :joy: I only have the security officer that handles my forms and I don’t think he’ll be answering questions about benefits lol