My timeline for clearance

Submitted Equip on Dec 2017
Credit pulled next day
Subject interview Jan 2018, 5 References and 4 employers met with investigator in person.
Follow up interview Feb 2018
Investigation has been closed Feb 2018
Now waiting for the final clearance.

That was fast!!! Mine is going towards 3 years

That’s awesome! Best of luck to you! Seems like we have a pretty similar timeline. Eqip submitted Dec 2017, Subject interview Dec 2017, follow up interview Feb 2018 with a different investigator. I believe I am still pending investigation.

are you Fed or contractor?

Yeah we have similar timeline. I called today and I was told that my investigation has been closed on 26th Feb 2018.

Wow that’s insane. I never thought that clearance would take that much time.

Mine had a few stops in between.

I would be interested in knowing that you got the word investigation is closed by your investigator or by the FOIA hotline?

If you got the words from your investigator, it might not be fully that the investigation is closed and just that his/her fieldwork is done and submitted. Mine said the same thing, but now might is still pending waiting for 3rd party records. It’s worthy to check the FOIA hotline again :wink:

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I am assuming your clearance is expedited? Also, what type of clearance are getting? Public Trust, Secret, Top secret?

I called OPM FOIA line.

I am a DoD contractor.

It is for Secret…

I don’t know. FSO did not tell me anything about expedition.

Somehow I start thinking it got something to do with the regional backlogs and the number of intevestigators available in that regions. Maybe some investigator can charm in here?!

i.e. some of my friends are in the West Coast (CA, OR, WA) are waiting like 12months+ without an subject interview. I live in a military town in East Coast of the Carolinas, and my investigator was talking about the backlogs and somehow mine got pushed forward after transferred from the Midwest and I got the subject interview before my friend did in CA.

Same T3, Also DoD Contractor.

That might be the reason.

This doesn’t sound like Secret unless they changed the rules? Most people I know didn’t have an investigator interview them let alone having the investigator meet with references/employers. Sounds like an SSBI.

Secret clearances always had a Subject interview when there were “items of interest” (aka issues).They were called SPINs. Now days it seems everyone applying for security clearances has issues - financial, foreign contact, employment write ups, arrests, etc.

I was given a paper to sign and it says that my category is III for a linguist position which requires Top Secret/SCI but when I talked to my recruiter she told me that first I have to be in a category II which requires Secret and then it will be upgrade to category III but first I have to get a Secret to deploy so I dont know.

I never had any issues. My payments are on time and I have no criminal history at all. No drugs or anything like that. Investigator barely mention my foreign contacts. He was only asking casual questions.

If you had a Subject interview for a T3 - there were issues.