Investigation closed without interview

My T5R investigation started October 2016 and on August 17, 2017 it went into closed status. However, I have not been interviewed and neither has anyone I know. I’m really confused as to what’s going on. I know normally after the investigation closes it goes to adjudication and you get your clearance eligibility shortly thereafter. Can anyone shed some light on this?

The only dim light I can shed (perhaps appropriate on this eclipse day) is that the investigator may have conducted interviews with people you are no longer in contact with. I’ve seen this happen. I would think for a T5 they’d do a subject interview but maybe not.

So hard to predict any of this process. As for getting your clearance eligibility “shortly” after the investigation completes, well, “shortly” is a relative term.

From my recent experience: I was interviewed a month (Oct 2016) after I submitted my EQIP. The investigator said it was only to clear up a few items on the SF86 (debt issue). Investigation closed Feb 2017 and I was told I was in adjudications. My most recent conversation with the FSO was that I wasn’t actually in adjudications - but in a QUE for adjudications instead. Why they didn’t just say that I don’t know. Early July 2017 I was actually assigned to an Adjudicator. I’m still waiting for my T3/Secret (at least that is what it says when I FOIA’d my background information). Good Luck and hope your clearance comes soon.

Thank you. I would imagine I’ll be interviewed before its adjudicated but I guess we will see. It’s been almost a year already so I’m hoping we don’t go more toward two before this process is done.

A Subject Interview and employment reference interviews are required components of a T5R. I have no idea what might have happened with your investigation. Do a Privacy Act request and get a copy of the investigation to see what happened. You can also do a Privacy Act request for a copy of your clearance database record, which might also reveal what happened. Whatever happened, your investigation will probably be reopened or reinitiated and completed to national standards at some point.

Well today I found out what happened. OPM closed my investigation with no further action because “they couldn’t find me”. Despite me having completed my EQIP in October 2016 with all the correct and current information. I haven’t been called on my cell or home phone. No voicemail left on either of them. No letter, no emails, nothing. I am so angry and also very disappointed. I feel like the last year has been a total waste as I wouldn’t be surprised if I go to the back of the line now when it’s reopened (already in the process of happening). I just don’t understand how they can say they can’t find me. I live in England not Neverland.

Hello, just a quick question: can you request a copy of your background information (FOIA) while an investigation still in process?! Thanks.

Short in relation to geologic time maybe?

To close out my Clearance Saga - It was never adjudicated; I was never asked to provide more information for anything; I was never interviewed again - they just left it sitting in the que until the agency (DOD) decided they were tired of waiting on it (ME) and cancelled my job! That was end of last year. I emailed my Congressman to look into it and got a standard letter back saying that there were concerns - REALLY? Why didn’t anyone contact me and address? What concerns? Other than the nasty quip from my past Supervisor (which I found when I sent a FOIA in), I got nothing going on in my background. What I think happened is the investigator was backlogged, my references are spread out around the US so he/she shoved me to the bottom and DOD finally cancelled so he/she didn’t have to finish the investigation. Cost me a good job and a two grade promotion!

Investigators don’t “shove” anything to the bottom. We are assigned geographical zones, if your references were spread out, there would’ve been several different investigators working on your case at once. It’s not unusual to have more than one working on the same case on different items. I understand your frustration and it sucks, I just don’t think it would’ve been an investigator’s fault.

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Every once in a great while we get a report of someone who says their case was closed without adjudication. Nobody made a decision to deny a clearance, they just decided not to adjudicate. Therefore no SOR, and therefore no appeal.

I doubt that a nasty quip from a supervisor would do it… unless that nasty quip had to do with the two ex-wives you are paying alimony to but did not disclose (true story BTW).

Does that happen more often with contract jobs in comparison to DHS?

The only times I’ve heard of it happening (which is like two, maybe three) it was for military. Now, twenty years ago, for the IC agencies this was SOP, especially for contractors. The company just never heard back. Or sometimes they would tell the company SSO, “We are not going to clear @JamFed at this time” which was sort of a non-denial denial.

It doesn’t work that way. They are assigned based on locations. So if you lived in city X, and your references in city Y, then there would be 2 investigators doing your investigation.

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Here’s the problem, if your agency has not established an “owning” relationship in JPAS with you, DoDCAF will NOT make an eligibility decision other than “no determination made”. First step is to go to your agency that sponsored you for a clearance. They need to be you assigned organization in JPAS and hold that “owning” relationship. Once they do that, your agency can request a redetermination if you case. If case work needs to be accomplished, DODCAF will send it back to DCSA or NBIB for case work.

I was in the process of getting my clearance before I changed positions. I had met with the investigator two weeks before moving to my current employer. I spoke with my FSO at my previous employer before leaving and I was told to have my current employer pick up the sponsorship. When I started my new position I talked to my manager about changing the sponsorship, which she said she would get with the FSO to do that. A few weeks later my manager said it was successfully picked up. I got a couple of emails the next couple of weeks asking to update some info (which I expected), but it wasn’t to update the SF-86. It was an email from the company security mailbox. That was in June. My manager checked into the status again in September to see if there was any new information. It says it was closed on the 12th of Sept and the status still shows pending. When we spoke to the FSO to get a rough estimate as to when it might be complete, she said that they typically wait 90 days for the government to make a decision before they start emailing them asking for a status. Has anyone else been in this situation? I thought when it said closed it was complete? If it was closed and I was not granted a clearnace will I receive a letter?