Getting previous investigation closed?

Hello all,
This is my first post on the site. I’ve been reading through posts here pretty regularly, but this is the first time I’m trying to inquire about my own clearance issues.
So in early 2017, I was preparing to join active duty military, and submitted an SF-86 for a secret clearance. I ended up backing out and not joining for personal reasons. Last month, I accepted a job with a contractor, who requires a TS/SCI clearance. I was told my old secret investigation from the military was still open and needed to be closed out before the new TS/SCI investigation could start. My security officer told me that the closing request has been submitted but they weren’t sure on a timeline.
Has anyone been in a similar situation as me, or know how long it takes for OPM to close/cancel a previously open investigation? I’ve been waiting around 2 weeks and all I’ve been told is “we don’t know how long this will take.” Once this old investigation closes out, I’ll finally be able to start the long and exciting process for a TS/SCI. I appreciate any help, thank you.

I was wondering about this as well. I don’t understand why they can’t just close it right away. Why do they wait so long long after the cancellation order is received!? Its very frustrating.

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Sorry to hear you’re going through this too. It’s frustrating, I feel like it should just be a quick status change from open to closed/cancelled in their system. No idea what takes so long.

Please let me know when yours closes. OPM received my cancellation request on 25JUL, however the investigation is still “pending”.

@riazur31 Wondering if you’ve heard anything regarding the closing of your investigation.

Nope unfortunately haven’t heard anything since around 27 July. Only news I get from my FSO is “we can’t do anything but wait.” Keep me updated on yours too, I’d like to know how long it takes. Best of luck.

Sorry to hear that, hopefully you hear something soon. Have you tried contacting the FOIA hotline recently? Maybe it’s closed and the FSO hasn’t made you aware of it. I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

Getting the requesting agency to discontinue the case is the quickest way to stop a case. NBIB provides a service for the requesting agency and will ask that agency first (and wait for the reply).

My SSO I had while I was in the Navy, (which I got out of over a year ago) finally requested it be discontinued on 25 July. I called OPMs FOIA hotline and they said a cancellation request was received but the investigation is still pending. Is NBIB waiting to hear from someone? Would they have perhaps e-mailed the SSO and are waiting to hear back from her. No wonder there’s such a backlog if they continue investigations for people who no longer need them!

This is precisely what I did. My new agency requested for the old investigation to be closed, and my case has shown up with a cancellation request for the past 2 weeks or so. No information on how long it will take for them to actually cancel it. I believe Zazh is in the same situation.

The backlog has many factors - one factor is the Subject who no longer needs the clearance although we have completed work on their case. Please don’t be snippy. .

Simply - when a discontinue request is sent, ALL NBIB work on the case ceases until the requesting agency notifies NBIB of the their decision. Pending discontinues only occupy electronic space - not a moment of my time.

Wow, please don’t take what I said so personal. Never once did I say it was the background investigator’s fault. My situation that I’m in has absolutely nothing to do with background investigators. My point was simply that it is a contributing factor to the backlog. I understand there are multiple reasons for it.

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How do you speak to someone on the FOIA hotline? I called the contact number on the NBIB website and the menu told me that I should be contacting my FSO for my security clearance status. I also tried calling the DSS Knowledge Center, which told me they have no information or impact on the timelines for investigations.

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Dial (724) 794-5612

Then use the following extensions to get to where you need to go:


I would assume the process is similar to how BI’s handle it. When I call the subject to schedule an interview and that person tells me they no longer need the clearance, I submit a discontinue request. Then, NBIB has to acknowledge the request by suspending the case (which can be days if not a week), then we have to wait 10 days for a response from NBIB as to whether or not I can cancel the case. We are told it takes “up to 10 business days,” but in reality, it takes every bit of 10 days and you usually don’t hear until COB on the 10th business day. The whole process can take a month. In those 10 days, NBIB is contacting the requesting agency who then confirms that the investigation is no longer needed. They can’t just take my word for it that the guy isn’t taking the job/retired/quit/etc. It is annoying. There are even times that NBIB tells us to continue the case when there is no need…but that is another issue…

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Thank you very much for the insight! I’m happy to say my investigation was canceled yesterday. Discontinuation request received by OPM from SSO on July 25 and canceled by OPM on 14 AUG

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Thanks for the insight guys. I called the FOIA hotline and had no luck, I was just told it’s being worked on. Congrats @Zazh, I’m glad things worked out for you. Hopefully mine is sorted out soon as well!

All they can tell you on the hotline is if your investigation is open or closed.

Thank you @riazur31. I hope you get yours sorted soon!

As an update for anyone who may be following, mine still has not been closed as of August 30th. The request was put in July 27th, so it’s been 24 business days with no update. I am still getting responses of “we don’t know the timeline” and “the discontinue request has been received so we just need to wait.”