TS SCI Investigation questions

I’m currently rolling up on 500 days with an open TS SCI investigation. I’ve had an active SECRET clearance for the past 5 years, just needed a higher level to perform my job. I have been interviewed, references and non-references interviewed, credit and school records have been pulled, and my investigator has informed me (as of a month ago) that she is done with her investigation on me. I talked to my FSO last week to follow up and my investigation status is still open in JPAS. I emailed OPM to see if they could give me more specifics and their response on my investigation is that it is still in progress and to ask the hiring agency if I want to know specifically where its at. Since my investigator is done collecting data and has informed me she submitted the information up over a month ago why would my investigation status still be open in JPAS? Does it go back to OPM once the investigation is done? Is there any other source I can contact to get an answer?


Some of the other posters have mentioned a review stage at OPM. I’m guessing that is where it is.

“Your” investigator may have finished their portion of your case - this doesn’t mean all investigators, record searchers, or all required federal agency checks have been completed.

OPM review is normally a very quick process as the OPM reviewer either accepts the case or sends it back for more field work.

So from there it would get reviewed, move to a closed status following review, then to DONCAF for adjutication?

I assume yes, but backgdinvestigator is probably best to answer that question.

Is there any way of finding out from the investigating agency what stage they are at? I know the company that the investigator I had my interview with works for but I wouldn’t know how to find out any other investigators handling my case or who they work for.

From “there” the case is returned to the requesting agency for adjudication.

The contracting company would not be authorized to release any information about your case to you. Only the federal government can release any information.