Is there a way to check on clearance status?

I know that FSOs have some means to check in JPAS/OPM (or any other site/agency I am not aware of) to see the progress of an investigation. I am not the FSO, but my FSO is extremely busy handling all of the clearance items for our company along with other duties.

I wanted to see if there was a phone number I could call or a website that I, as the subject of the investigation, could get a status update? Thanks.

-Tom W

If your investigation is being handled by OPM, I think there is a Freedom of Information Act phone number on their web site that you can call. But don’t expect too much info. All they can tell you is if they do have an investigation underway. And of course they will not be able to offer any indication of the current status much less an estimate of when it will be completed.

No idea if there is something similar for other agencies.

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How long has it been, like sbusquirrel said, don’t expect much of an update except maybe “eligibility pending” or investigation open/closed. Your FSO will contact you as soon as he hears something, it is in their best interest to move you along once you are cleared.

Thanks for the responses. I am mostly eager because my clearance is in a “closed discontinued” state as I switched employment right after my interim TS was granted. My old company discontinued the investigation and my new company didn’t pick it up in time to keep it moving so it went into that state.

My FSO did contact DSS/PSMO-I help desk to reopen the investigation and DSS told her to just keep checking JPAS for the status to update, but it’s been a few weeks and my FSO has not been responsive.

Unfortunately me doing my job relies on my clearance status being at least in interim and the investigation at least open, not in a discontinued state.