Waiting for clearance to be reopened

My clearance was “closed discontinued” when I switched employers in the middle of a TS investigation. My old employer started the investigation, I had received my Interim TS, and then they closed it almost immediately after I left my position. My new employer also needs me to have a TS clearance.

A few weeks after I started, JPAS showed “closed discontinued”. My new employer’s FSO called DSS/PSMO-I and initiated a “re-open” request. It has been over 2 months and the clearance still has not been reopened yet (JPAS investigation summary still shows “closed discontinued”).

How long am I suppose to wait until this gets re-opened in JPAS? The reason this is important is that for my job I need to have at least an Interim TS clearance, which I still have, and the request needs to be open and ongoing, not closed or discontinued.


-Tom W

Dont have an answer but a question for somebody who might know (like maybe @marko.hakamaa) : JPAS is managed by DSS but investigations are not. How does DSS get the word that the investigation is open?

In other words, I wonder if the investigation could actually be “opened” (or at least “assigned”) some period of time before it is updated in JPAS

Look all others, you are waiting in the queue by DSS to get it loaded and going. I would expect it to open very soon.

Thanks for the responses @sbusquirrel and @marko.hakamaa . From what I understand, DSS/PSMO-I has submitted the reopen request to whomever it is supposed to go to, and now we are basically at the point where the FSO is regularly checking JPAS for a status change from “closed discontinued” to “open”.

SO @marko.hakamaa, I am sitting in the same queue as others requesting their initial investigation/process to start?

That appears to be the case based on the info you provided and current processes.

@TomW43 - this is heartening news. Can you give an update?

This is my exact situation. The company I was working for who was seeking my TS clearance closed (as in closed up shop completely), therefor my investigation - which was supposedly in the adjudication phase - was closed discontinued as of 8/23/17. I had been granted my TS Interim 10/16 after applying 7/16. I was hired by another company on 9/5/2017. They lolligagged around and eventually called DSS/PSMO to get my investigation reopened, but first they tried to start a new investigation. I sent them some info I gathered on the web that suggested they only needed to call and have the investigation reopened, not start a new one. Finally, in December they made the call (two fingerprint sets and 3 e-Qip visits later).

I cannot get a CAC until I am in an “open” staus. I just wait with no control over the situation. In the meantime, I am literally getting paid to do not much of anything. ARGH!

Anyone else have any insight on the outlook here?



Sorry to hear the bad news. I can certainly sympathize with your situation. It is almost the exact situation that I was in like you said.

So here’s my update – after roughly 3 1/2 months of waiting, DSS finally did re-open the request (about a month after I posted initially here). My interim TS clearance was granted initially in April or May 2017. After my clearance was “closed discontinued”, and then “re-opened” they re-granted my interim clearance sometime around late Fall of 2017 (cant remember the date) and told me I am basically at the start of the clearance process all over again.

It will eventually get better my friend… It’s a very frustrating process and it is important your FSO is staying on the trail and asking for updates from DSS. Stay patient and continue to work with your FSO is my best advice.

Thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately, I don’t have much faith in our FSO and I am afraid to change companies again while this continues.

Today, I got email traffic that indicated my status in JPAS is “SAC From OPM, Case #: XXXXXXXXXX CLOSED, Closing Action: CLOSED COMPLETE 2017 11 22, File Available: Y”

I don’t know what that means, but it seems to indicate that my investigation is complete and I am in the adjudication phase?

Yet, security for our government agency can’t seem to verify me in JPAS at all. Ugh. I have an unusual spelling to a common last name (for instance Tayler instead of Taylor) and the security officer did spell my name incorrectly in a response email.

“XXXXXXXX (spelled wrong): Member has no “open/closed” investigation noted in JPAS so
therefore this office cannot sign off on Part III of her attached SAAR until
that is noted in JPAS…recommend contacting her FSO for resolution.”

I know from another FSO (recent interview) that I am indeed in JPAS.

Not sure what to make of this. It’s all a mystery.

Thanks again for sharing your update! Good luck to you as well.