Did the FSO at my new employer fumble up with picking up TS investigation?

Hello, I have recently changed jobs. I was on a DoD contract for 2 + years with company XYZ

During my time with company XYZ I had an interim secret clearance w/ a ongoing TS investigation (Open SSBI) when the contract with company XYZ ended on Feb 1st.

I came into contact with a new company (Company A) that was interested in employing me and picking up my investigation as they have lots of contracts which require a TS. they wanted to pick up my TS investigation so that i could be employed by them after my TS investigation finishes and gets adjudicated.

The company agreed to get me into their company cage code so that my open investigation could continue, finish, close and then become adjudicated.

On 3/14 - the FSO of company A contacted me and told me that thru him their company has officially taken ownership of me under their cage code. He said that according to my record in JPAS, my investigation is still open and has not closed which would start the adjudication process. He said that he even contacted the DSS to ensure that my investigation and the adjudication of my TS continues. He also mentioned that DSS will not estimate how much longer the process will be and that he did not see any problems with the process continuing pending completion of my investigation and then adjudication and that it’s basically a waiting game.

At that time i felt relieved at first because (Company A) picked up my TS investigation. i was scared of loosing that since the contract had ended. In the mean time i found work with another non-Dod company (Company B) to hold me over until the SSBI investigation completes itself with Company A,

On 3/19 - a friend who works with a recruitment company contacted me and said to me that her FSO at her recruitment company looked me up in JPAS. She basically said that in the JPAS it currently says:

No Clearance Eligibility / Loss of Jurisdiction since 03/16. RUU can be submitted to government to request previous investigation to be reopened.

so clearly this conflicted with what i was told on 3/14 by the FSO from company A.

So i contacted the FSO of Company A and asked why this seems to have happened 2 days after he had told me that his company has picked up my investigation under their company cage code and asked if this CHANGE in JPAS has anything to do with my investigation being picked up by Company A and that maybe the investigation is ‘closed’ and is now in the adjudication phase.

So the FSO of Company A said to me that he’s been tracking it and the reason for the “loss of jurisdiction” is because i have left the previous DoD contract and there was no one pick you up until Company A did. He claims to have already called the Helpdesk and informed them but that he says that the adjudicative branch is different from the ones that answer the phones and probably didn’t get the message.

The FSO of Company A also said that he has talked with the DSS and has already submitted the RRU to continue and that he as the FSO doesn’t control what the DSS does. He even said that DSS may comeback to him and require me to do a new submission for a new investigation since my Investigation has been open since 2015. but he’s not sure yet but he claims that he’s on top of things that he’ll will fix it…

but i just feel alittle suspicious. maybe i’m wrong. i’m not a security person who works with this sort of thing, but i have fear that the FSO didn’t expect me to find another person to ‘check’ my status in JPAS on my own.

the CEO and the management people at Company A trust this FSO with all their security related matters


  1. Is this an unusual occurrence of me ‘loosing jurisdiction’ only 2 days after the FSO of company A claims to have ‘picked me up in JPAS’

  2. When a person leaves a DoD contract with an Open SSBI + an Interim Secret and when a ‘new’ company picks up the SSBI investigation does that ‘new’ company get some sort confirmation of that?

  3. Isn’t ‘picking up’ a TS investigation a digital process? What does. the adjudicative branch of DSS have anything to do with Company A ‘picking up’ my investigation on their cage code and then me subsequently ‘loosing jurisdiction’?

  4. When someone ‘picks up’ my investigation under their cage code, aren’t they the only ones who can impact ‘loss of jurisdiction’ or the investigation closing?

  5. If what the FSO says is true and he must submit an RUU to ‘re-open’ my investigation. aren’t their fees that Company A has to PAY to re-open an investigation? i assumed that because i already had an Open SSBI in place that Company A doesn’t need to pay for…

  6. Is what is happening normal for a person who’s changed jobs with an Open TS investigation?

  7. Am I wrong for being suspicious to find it’s strange that Company A has ‘picked up’ my investigation and then literally 2 days later

  8. Is it that DSS has two offices that don’t talk to each other and the process is slow to acknowledge?

  9. When i left the DoD contract was it inevitable that i would loose clearance eligibility regardless of what Company A did? Is this normal?

I don’t have answers, but I’m in a similar boat, and want to know.

New company’s FSO seems incompetent, never answers email or picks up the phone, and works remotely. Whenever I speak with the FSO, he’s distracted and quickly interrupts to answer the wrong question. FSO claims to have picked me up in JPAS but I could use a second opinion given I’m not too sure he even understands the question.

How do I verify this myself, short of interviewing for positions and faking interest for the sole purpose of having them do a JPAS lookup on me?

Writing as an FSO who recently had an RRU issue. We picked up a DOI TS upon hiring someone and had to request RRU to transfer his TS to DoD. Doesn’t seem exactly relevant to your case, but our RRU took 65 days (RRU has to be requested every 30 days or it expires). So, new guy was “uncleared” for his first 65 days of employment but now we have his full TS on our CAGE. While it doesn’t help the open investigation question, I never thought the RRU would take that long.

Hello I’m back!! 6 months have passed.

I just got BAD news!! I found out that the FSO at (company A) was slacking. He submitted an RUU 6 months ago. but he didn’t keep his eye on it.

He told me that DSS told him that they have requested that Company A must resubmit an entire E-QIP submission to them to start a ‘new’ TS investigation on me.

this is a BIG loss for me. my OPEN SSBI (TS Investigation) by OPM/NBIB had been ongoing for 2 years.

my big concern is that my old investigation that had been started by OPM had been on going for 2 years (Open SSBI). they interviewed my whole family and everybody i have ever worked for and more and it took forever. neighbors…brothers…sisters…it was very very intrusive!!!

and i was interviewed twice…since i’m now starting over with a new EQIP …

does a ‘new’ investigator need to re-interview everyone again? can the data collected from the old interviews be used and he/she/they just interview my current employer

i have heard that DSS is now taking over OPM (NBIB)…

i don’t care so much about the new EQIP. it’s the RE-starting of the whole investigation process AGAIN.

i’m concerened about going back AGAIN to re-interview me and my whole family and past employers again.

basically Company A has me working on contract that only requires a public trust and they promised to ‘pick up’ my TS and continue it … but clearly the FSO fumbled up…and didn’t get the one in-place to continue because he did keep track of it.

i really need some feedback

feeling depressed and agry right now:rage::rage::rage:

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I am experiencing delays in my TS. I was adjudicated favorably in May of 2016. TS was active as stated by the then current FSO. New FSO took over. I was submitted for a TS/SCI but my company decided not to pursue. FSO checked in June 2017. TS was active still and I had access. Something happened in Oct 2017. My company got a new FSO. My status in JPAS went to ‘No Determination Made’. A new eQip had to be submitted. It has been almost 90 days since my initial interview and neighbor interviews. FSO says JPAS states ‘investigation scheduled’ but I have no access or clearance now. My management suspects FSO is incompetent. Any recourse when an incompetent FSO is handling a clearance? Will someone from DSS or OMB be reaching out to me to resolve my clearance? Is the next phase adjudication? This is my 3rd TS in 15 years and never had issues with my FSO’s. Very tired of waiting on a resolution.

Is the company paying you to do uncleared work or to even just sit around? If you so, I doubt that you have any recourse against the FSO or the company.

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