Clearance "Closed Discontinued" after switching employers


I would like some clarification with what is going on with my clearance. I just changed jobs recently, both requiring a TS clearance and willing to put me through for a TS clearance.

My previous job which I left about 2 weeks ago was putting me through for a top secret clearance. I didn’t know it until I started my new job, but just before my last week there I was granted Interim TS Status.

When my new employer’s FSO went in the first day I started, they saw that I had been granted an Interim TS and they were going to put the clearance in their name/cage. A few days later however when they checked in JPAS, it said that the clearance was Opened 2017 XX XX Closed Discontinued 2017 XX XX. The date of the “Closed Discontinued” was about a week or so after my last day with my previous employer.

My FSO told me she put in an RRU to reopen the investigation and continue the investigation as it was, and that there is a 120 day threshold for them to change my status or else we have to start over. She said she will just have to wait for OPM to take action on the RRU and that she will check JPAS and let me know if there is a status update.

My job depends on me having at least an Interim TS to access what I need to do my job. I am worried now that I am going to have to start the process over, or that this is going to get very murky.

Any clarification on how this may go…or what exactly happened? Thanks.


The fact you were granted interim TS should not change, you should still be eligible withy the new employer. Everything else you wrote is consistent with the process when someone leaves one employer to another while an investigation was in progress. Most likely they will be able to pick up the investigation using the already completed items and finish it out. However, the issue will be priority since it now falls to the back of the line.

I see, thanks for the reply and explanation. Regarding the 120 day threshold…is it that my FSO/company has 120 days from the “Closed Discontinued” date to put a request in to continue the investigation, or 120 days for that request to be made and for OPM/DSS to go in and say “OK yes, continue the investigation”?

I’m asking because my FSO has already put the RRU in, but if we have to wait for DSS/OPM to take action on that RRU, then it’s completely out of our hands if the 120 day threshold is met, and whether or not I have to start completely over.

To expand on my original post with some new information, I am concerned because I found a PSMO document that states that “Closed Discontinued” clearance status should be resolved with a call to DSS rather than an RRU.

I told my FSO that and she said that the proper way to handle this is by submitting an RRU and that DSS only deals with Facility level issues, not individual issues. However, that is contradictory to what the PSMO documentation from January 2017 states. Can anyone clarify this situation?

It would be awfully trivial if I am sitting here waiting for this to be resolved and ultimately the issue wasn’t even being escalated the proper way.