Interim Clearance now in Loss of Jurisdiction

A little help please.
i got hired in 2016 and was put in for TS. I submitted my sf86 and went to work. I moved to a new company, same job in January 2018. I had to get a new badge which now showed 2 stars interim instead of 3 stars interim. When I inquired about why I now only had an interim secret I was told by my FSO that I could not be cleared higher than what the program was at. A few months ago I was notified by some of my colleagues that they were contacted by an investigator to arrange a phone interview. I inquired with my FSO a second time regarding why I could not keep the interim TS. I got the same answer. Finally on July 11th I was contacted by an investigator to setup an interview for a TS. I told them that was fine, but that I would only be needing a secret clearance. The investigator told me that the TS investigation would no longer proceed. I was under the impression that I would get a final secret. I passed all of the information along to my FSO including the investigators name and phone number.

On August 21st I was notified by the ISSO on my program that I did not have a valid clearance in JPAS. They took my badge and pulled my VAR. I notified my FSO and found that my clearance was in loss of jurisdiction. I was told that this happened because I told the investigator I did not need the TS anymore. My FSO put in a request to reopen the investigation. The TS investigation needs to finish and then I will be downgraded to Secret. My FSO told me it could take a couple of weeks. As of 11/13/18 I am still without a clearance. The most recent information I have is “PSMO has transferred it to OPM to pick back up the investigation”

I am convinced that my FSO did not do their job. Unfortunately the FSO is also the HR Manager. I am trying not to make waves. I am still working but have to be escorted everywhere. I am missing out on a lot of critical work.

The questions I have are:

What is the best estimate of how much longer this will take? Do I go to the end of the line for investigations?

Will the LOJ be on my record even after I get a final clearance?

After finishing the TS investigation and then being downgraded, will I still have a TS technically? Will I be available for any TS work?

Thanks in advance.

You should not have told the investigator that you did not need the background investigation (TS). You might need a Tier 5 but only get a secret (or nothing) because of the position you are working.

  • Your case will have to be reinstated - this delays getting onto an investigator’s workload.
  • The LOJ question I have no idea.
  • After the T5 is competed, you will not technically have a TS. You are eligible for a TS if there is a need.

Warning to everyone, telling any investigator you no longer need the clearance can easily end the investigation. The investigator is required to report this. If your investigation type needs to change, that goes through your FSO/SSO.

My case was reopened and I was interviewed by an investigator. They still need to talk to some people in the state where i previously lived. I am still in Loss of Jurisdiction. Does the investigation have to have a final adjudication to get the LOJ removed. I don’t understand why I cant get my interim back in the mean time. It has been 4 months since this all started. Am i close to having this finally adjudicated?

Thank you