Loss of Jurisdiction Question

Good Morning All,

I figured I would jump in and see if someone may be able to shed some light on my situation. I already hold a TS/SCI from 4/2012, and was in the middle of a T5PR opened in Jan. of 2017. My position ended in August of 2017, and I was thrown into a Loss of Jurisdiction status. No incident reports or red flags in JPAS, simply no sponsor. It has been tricky finding companies that are willing to pick me up and get my PR started again (due to either misinformed FSOs or contract constraints), however I have finally got a company/contract who is helping me get my eligibility back. My Eqip was transmitted to OPM on 1/18.

I have a few questions in all. First, I know that the FSO needs to submit an RRU (Upgrade) to have my eligibility reinstated, however they have said the investigation needs to be officially “open” before they will change the JPAS status back to eligibility (and it sounds as if they have NOT filed an RRU). If an RRU has not been filed…once the investigation officially opens, will my JPAS status be changed to reflect current eligibility (and pending investigation), or is the RRU absolutely required for that? Additionally, should they have submitted the RRU in addition to requesting the investigation?

Lastly, it is my understanding (through conversations with former FSOs) that as soon as the PR is open, I can get my status back and companies will have no issue picking me up for contracts as if I never lost eligibility. Does this sound relatively accurate? Needless to say this entire situation is beyond frustrating, and the crazy backlog is making quick processes (such as an RRU) be not so quick. Thanks for any help!