Loss of Jurisdiction but only switching contractors in a matter of days?


I have/had a secret clearance since 2011. I left my former employer last week Saturday due to a layoff and was due to begin the same exact position but with a new DoD contractor Monday. Basically, I was only changing contracting companies due to lack of funding/contract change, but my job is exactly the same. Today I was informed by the new security officer from the new company that I do not have an active clearance and that it shows, “Loss of Jurisdiction.” Keep in mind that I have been working in a cleared facility up to Saturday 7/25 without ever being notified that I did not have an active clearance. I started with the old company back in Sept 2014 and provided all the information necessary to transfer my clearance to them when they reached out to me to verify my SSN, etc. So as of Sept 2014 I should have been good with an active clearance that’s the last that I know of.

Since I was laid off from the old employer I know I terminated on good terms and I even have a paper from them showing that I am eligible for rehire. I really don’t understand what has gone wrong. I reached out to the old employer today and was told that the JPAS system was down and they would look into it.

What could this be?

The new security officer said to her it looked like the clearance was never actually moved over to the old company, in September 2014, but of course I have no access to JPAS and thus I can not verify this. However, if so, then that means that I’ve effectively been working in a cleared facility without a clearance? I really don’t understand and thought I’d reach out to some people that may have had experiences with this, “Loss of Jurisdiction.”

I’m at a loss here and really do not know what to do. If this doesn’t turn out to be simply some error or mistake then I am effectively out of a job. I am supposed to start Monday, but I am being told that I will not be able to start and the position does not allow for interim clearances so basically if I’m unable to get my clearance changed to active I’ve lost a job.

Thanks in advance for any help and insight that you may provide!

Sounds like an FSO should get fired. It could have been that you were under an interim while they were trying to bring your clearance over but someone should have followed up on it. It should be still simple enough to get your clearance reactivated since you are still within the 24 month window since it was last active, but requires some communication and collaboration between the old FSO, the new FSO, and the DOD CAF to g.et jurisdiction transferred. Type up a letter with all of the facts and timeline regarding your situation and send it to all three requesting that action be taken to get your clearance back in active status. And track if possible.

Thank you. The new and old FSO’s are aware. The old FSO sent an RRU over a month ago. It has just been sitting there since then, but came back saying it’s being worked. That’s what I was told but I am not sure what it means. I’ve been out of work almost a month. Initially I was told it could take a week or a month to fix it’s about 2 weeks beyond that. How do I notify the DoD CAF myself? I’m sorry I’m very clueless on the whole clearance matters. Thank you.

So over two months later and I’m still waiting on my clearance to be reactivated. The RRU was sent. The RRU was acknowledged according to the security officer and came back saying that DISCO is “working on it,” That was over a month ago and there has not been any further updates. I have no idea what “working on it” means. I’m told that my clearance is in the Adjudicative process, but I’m not sure what all that entails. I keep trying to talk to the FSO at my old company and ask questions, but I’m really not getting much info at all. I contact the old company FSO and HR and a lot of times they just do not respond to me, as in they just ignore me. Though I’ve been really patient and respectful through this whole thing, where someone at the company made the error, but I’m the one that suffers for it. I’m really at a loss here.

Does anyone know if I am able to contact DISCO or the DoD CAF directly to let them know what has occurred? My new FSO told me that perhaps if my old company had written up the RRU in a manner where they let DISCO know that I actually never lost access or the need to know and was actually working in a cleared position for almost a year that perhaps they would be willing to push the clearance through sooner. I’ve asked the old company (which sent the RRU to reactivate it) to do that and basically I’m not getting a response. Does anyone know how to contact DISCO or the DoDCAF directly???

This situation is crazy to me. I’m basically out of a job due to this issue, unexpectantly and I’ve been unemployed for over two months because of it though I was supposed to start a job but the position requires my secret clearance to be active to start.

Are there any repercussions that a company can get for employing someone into a cleared position without ensuring that they have an active clearance? I’m just wondering because they are really selective when it comes to replying to me and I’m beginning to think that I may need to try to go above their heads if there is such an option.

@rose0984 I know you have made this post in 2015, about 4 years old now. How long did it take you to get your clearance reinstated from the loss of jurisdiction status once your FSO submitted the RRU? Did you ever get this fixed? Did you have to change careers?

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