Clearance after loss of jurisdiction

Just left a contracting job. When applied for a new one the status came back as loss of jurisdiction and now my clearance doesn’t look active. What does that mean? Will I be able to make my clearance active again or will I have to be submitted for a new one? The reinvestigation was closed and done on Feb 2018 while the loss of jurisdiction was reported as Nov 2019.

Just went through this same thing this year – I left a contract in April, then learned I had an LOJ status in JPAS when another contractor tried to pick me up in June. They rescinded the offer when they (and I, in turn) learned I had a LOJ, largely because they had an immediate hiring need. In August, another company offered me a contract, and I explained my LOJ status to them. They were willing to sponsor for adjudication and wait for me to be cleared, which took about six weeks – that’s pretty fast, actually, and I assume it’s because I have a clean record and had no security incidents associated with my LOJ. Not all LOJs are viewed equally… If you lose jurisdiction because you simply left a contract on good terms, that’s a smaller hurdle for adjudication than if you had a security or disciplinary incident, for example. That might be a factor in how they proceed.

You won’t be able to make your clearance active again, only another company willing to sponsor you can. The level of complexity associated with making it happen may depend on if there were any negative circumstances with you at your last job, which might be noted on your LOJ.

Now that you know that’s your status, just be up front with prospective employers about it. If they like you as a candidate and have some timing flexibility, you have OK odds of them working with you and helping you to get back to active status.

Thanks for the information. I just discovered that it was due to a rsi request that timed out.

I am currently going through the same thing. I left Contractor A on October 12th and started at Contractor b on Dec 2nd. Contractor B submitted RRU request to JPAS on Nov 12th to transfer my clearance and they told me I have a “loss of jurisdiction” status in JPAS that was put in 2 weeks prior to RRU request. It is Dec 18th now (5 weeks since the RRU request) and there is no change in status. I was told by my FSO it usually takes 4 to 12 weeks. I read stories from other which some cases take longer than that. A year ago, I moved from Contractor B to Contractor A and only had to wait for 2 weeks. As I read from multiple blogs, no one can really estimate the time frame for resolution. It is all in the hands of the government employees. If they (one day) decide to look up your profile, they can reinitiate your clearance right away.


Thanks for the information.

I was recently terminated for not being up to standards in my department but I was basically in training still and did a minor mistake during a Op. this company looked up my clearance in JPAS and it said LOJ. Do I just wait for the perspective employer to pick me up?

Convincing an employer to sponsor you by explaining your last employment situation and why it was a fluke is definitely the best way to begin to remediate your situation.

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Copy thanks for the info. This employer that I phone interviewed for somehow got scared or didn’t want to bring me on because of the LOJ on my profile in JPAS.

So far this other company said they reinstated me but needed to fill out another SF86 because it’s almost been 10 years when I received my clearance. But I didn’t fill this SF86 out until 2014 estimated timeframe. Hopefully this works out.

I read a lot about Loss of Jurisdiction on these boards and the nightmare people going through to get the clearance back. What is the safest way to change your employers while not getting LOJ? Do you have to be currently employed to safely change employers? Does every time your employment ends with customer A, a month or two passes before you engage with employer B you get an LOJ?

Yes, the most frictionless way to do it, as I understand it, is to currently be employed with a clearance and simply have the cage code transferred – direct employment to direct employment is what’s optimal. It’s the break in service with the clearance that will get you flagged, and with good reason – DoD wants to make sure you didn’t leave a role because of a security incident or other impropriety.

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So the first thing is to understand what an LOJ actually is. Loss of Jurisdiction can have a few definitions but the most common issue that happens with this is when someone leaves a company or no longer has any affiliation with the facility or it’s determined from the CAF office or other adjudicating agencies that the candidate no longer requires access. Typically this usually happens when the adjudicating offices notice the time gap from when the individual was separated in JPAS to the current date. I’ve been told several different things when it comes to when can an LOJ can be administered to the person’s profile in JPAS. I personally thought it was a few months (60-90) days, but I have seen them happen in a few weeks, few months, 6 months, etc.

The one question I have for you is when you say it was closed and " done ", was your clearance adjudicated or are you only referring to your " close out " date when you say done? If that is the case, the issue is that you left your company before your clearance was actually adjudicated or got the ( green light ) from the CAF office. If your request was adjudicated then the future FSO will need to take ownership of you in JPAS and put in a CSR explaining your situation and provide as much as supplemental information to have your eligibility re-instated.

We had recent hire start at the end of April and when I looked up his information in JPAS, I noticed that he had an LOJ. That wasn’t the worst part, what really caught my attention, he would have had what is called a " Break in Service " which is once your 6 year date ( For TS clearances ) is up, you have 24 months to be picked up by another sponsoring agency to initiate your re-investigation or initial. If that doesn’t happen then you will have to basically start over. His break in service date was in like 4 days before his start date with us. So a Customer Service Request (CSR) had to be put in for him requesting his eligibility be reinstated. What didn’t make sense to me was that he had an official Continuous Evaluation ( CE ) date of May 2019 but got the LOJ 6 months later, Nov 2019. You only get enrolled into CE unless your re-investigation has been vetted, completed. I’m not sure what your current situation is now, but no matter what you were referring to, the FSO will need to start with a CSR explaining what you stated in your post.

Hi Dima,

So yes, unfortunately the list of black holes and uncertainties for us FSO’s just never seems to take a break. There’s so many different things to say about this, I’ll try to start from the top. The first thing I wanted to say regarding the LOJ issue is, you do " not " have to stay with your current company or any company for that matter until your current investigation is adjudicated, that’s obviously the preferred thing to do. There’s too many issues that could come up and arise that will make someone have to transfer companies or leave. But unfortunately, a lot of employees do leave the company who is sponsoring their initial or re-investigation before their clearance is ever adjudicated.

This is something that happens all the time and all across the board. With that said, yes the best thing to do in order to avoid getting a possible LOJ, is to remain with your employer until you have final adjudication. I have a perfect example for you because it just happened to a recent hire that started with us at the end of April. This individual had a completed investigation and an " official CE " enrollment date of May 2019 but had an LOJ against him 6 months later ( Nov 2019 ) that showed up in JPAS (Joint Personnel Adjudication System) which makes no sense. So the one thing an FSO will need to do, even though some still don’t, is to take ownership of the individual in JPAS and then put in what is called a CSR (Customer Service Request ) to have the candidates eligibility reinstated and to provide any and all supplemental information which is what I had to do for him. One week later, I get the notification from the CAF office that his eligibility was reinstated and it reflected in JPAS. In your case, if you came to my company and I verified your investigative and Adjudicative history, I would have to take ownership in JPAS and put in a CSR for you to let the adjudicating offices know that this individual previously had an open investigation and would like to continue the investigation under our cage code. Even with the worse case scenario and the request wasn’t approved. You would have to re-accomplish another SF-86 ( not from scratch since everything auto populates) and in the special handling instructions, I would simply put the information about your previous investigation. Typically those cases tend to move fairly quick.


I’m going through this right now I have a loss of jurisdiction left Government for a contracting job the company tried to put in an RRU but there said it was denied but they didn’t give me a reason why. I had my old security manager contact DOD CAF and they only told him that the RRU is to be done in DISS but now they won’t touch it. I don’t have any incident reports on my clearance I just don’t understand

I was also told of I had an incident that the DOD CAF would have said something when they reached out