RRU timeframes for Loss of Jurisdiction as of Aug 2019?

Hello, all… Great forum, really appreciate the info in here.

I started a Secret clearance position with a defense contractor this spring, and got my interim Secret clearance for day one. On my first day there, I was immediately asked to do some things that were not kosher for the sake of reducing cost and complexity (let’s just say they were ok with operating way outside of NIST 800-171 compliance); I was not cool with the situation, resigned after four days, debriefed transparently with my FSO, and began looking for other jobs.

20 days ago, I accepted a Secret clearance job with another contractor, and I explained my background in the interview. I was supposed to start Aug. 19, but for whatever reason, they never checked me in JPAS until Aug. 15. They informed me that day that I have a Loss of Jurisdiction status in JPAS that needs resolved before I can start, and they submitted an RRU to resolve it.

I’m still cool with the FSO at my former employer, and they confirmed that I have no Incident Reports in JPAS and that the Loss of Jurisdiction is really just about the common separation from that company, which should be adjudicated easily. They also stated that my background investigation related to my spring e-QIP is actually showing as completed in JPAS.

My issue is that my job offer with the new contract states that I must be able to achieve at least an interim Secret clearance within 21 days of offer acceptance (or, by tomorrow), “or within a reasonable period given current processing timeframes”.

For what I assume is a simple case like mine, can anyone share what their recent RRU timeframes have been over this summer, as well as what I might be able to expect when results come back? Thanks a ton for your time and perspective!

Should be as simple as requesting jurisdiction, getting it and if any aspect of the investigation is usable, use it. A matter of a few days.

Thank you – I appreciate the input!

For what it’s worth, I found out on Sept. 11 that my RRU granted my new employer jurisdiction on Sept. 9, so it took about four weeks. Still awaiting drug screen and prospective start date, but believe everything has been satisfactorily resolved.

Pretty much what amberbunny stated. We had to do the same thing for one of our contractors. We basically just put in an RRU to explain that we wanted her T5R to continue but that we were taking ownership of the investigation. RRU’s or now ( CSR’s ) typically have a decent turn around for providing an answer. Just some helpful info to pass along in case anyone didn’t know. For anyone wanting to submit ( CSR’s ) they are no longer accepted them in JPAS and have to be done so in DISS.

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Thank you for allowing me to learn from your situation as I am in the same position. My secret clearance has been placed in a loss of jurisdiction status Aug 14th due to not having an employer. My new employer has extended an offer letter contingent on my clearance outcome. This was around the last week of August. My new FSO has put in a RRU then and recently stated we may have some good news soon and eligibility reinstated. This was on Sep 10th and now it is Oct 2nd with no change of status. I know it is a case by case thing, but it will be a month + with no change. I will be patient and hopefully have my clearance reinstated within the next 2-4 weeks. I’ll keep this blog updated with my clearance outcome and timeline.


If you’re not hearing anything, definitely follow up with your FSO every 7-10 business days if he she felt like things were cooking… Here’s a kind of frustrating, yet funny, update on my situation. I discovered that my eligibility had been reinstated on Sept. 9, but the way I found out was that I just randomly called the FSO on Sept. 11 to see if she knew anything; she said, “Oh, yeah – I told the program staffing manager on Monday that you were good, and I have a Sept. 16 visitor access request for you now. I’m surprised she hasn’t reached out to you.” I called the PSM, and she acknowledged I was cleared and said someone would be reaching out to me with the drug screen and onboarding kit… Then I heard nothing for a couple of days. Sent an email to the onboarding@*****.com email address on Friday morning, got no response.

Cut to midday on Sept. 16, and I get a call from the FSO asking me why I didn’t show up for work… I said I was still waiting on HR to contact me. She said, “Let me handle this, expect a call in the next few minutes.” Sure enough, in <10 minutes, someone from HR reached out to me acknowledging they dropped the ball… But now my start date needed pushed until Sept. 30. Thus, I just started my role this week, finally.

My point is that if yours is a simple issue, you might get reinstated, but it’s possible the FSO puts the ball in HR’s court, and you get gummed up there for a bit, too. Best of luck – the days go so slow waiting, I know, but it sounds like you’re largely in good shape.

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I appreciate your detailed response and rapid feedback on this. Im glad to see your in the new position after all the headaches. I am hoping things work out for myself sooner than later. I’d hate to switch career paths due to waiting for something not in my control. I’ll continue to follow up with my FSO and will keep you updated.

Interesting update. I just had another interview and received a contingent offer letter, stipulations my clearance becoming active again. Id start in January. The CEO of the company informed me that this happens (LOJ) all the time due to a incident being reported and not resolved, or pending reinvestigations with no sponsor. It takes at least “60 days” for DOD CAF to adjudicate. I am hoping that I can get a resolution within the next 3-4 weeks timeframe best or worse case scenario and will keep this updated.

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Finding a company willing to work with you through the LOJ process is more than half the battle and a great sign… And it sounds like you have multiple options floating out there now. I know time drags, but this is good stuff. Good luck!

I’m going through the same exact thing, but no company is willing to help me out and sponsor me. I’m just trying to get with company under the same agency that listed my clearance as LOJ, so they can adjudicate my clearance and take me out that status I don’t no incident report or red flags on my file. Can I go with any agency/company to take me out of that loj status or just stick with same agency that needs to finish my reinvestigation. Please advise me!

You can stick with same or find another one to sponsor you… It took me a few tries to find another company willing to sponsor; I likewise had no incident reports, and my initial investigation had been satisfactorily completed. Once you get sponsored or your reinvestigation gets unstuck, it will probably be a couple of months – I heard an FSO with my DoD contract say the other day that resolution is taking about eight weeks right now. Hope that helps, Chanelle!

Thank you so much, this helps a lot. Right now, I’m currently waiting for an interview right now, and hopefully that company can take me out of that status. This is the worst ordeal ever, I don’t even wish this on my worst enemy.

Good luck with getting that interview – positive vibes!

Hi there I have LOJ sins April 04 I had to leave the job for emergency and now I went back with same company and they submit RRU on aug 29 and I been waiting sins then anyone know how long wait more. It’s so hard for waiting and I been calling every week and they telling me no change. ;(

Did you get it resolved?

Got it resolved Mid November. Clearance reinstated. My LOJ took 2 and a half months to get back reinstated working with my previous employer. I ended up having a couple offers on the table and went with the best one. Good luck to you all that have to go through this stressful struggle.


So I been picked up by a custodian company, so I can have the loss of jurisdiction status taking off my clearance to gain my eligibility back, but I also had an interview with another company making way more money than the custodian job. Should I wait to hear something back from the other job or take the custodian job, both are with the same agency. I dont know that’s works if my clearance is already in the cleaning company hands. Please help me understand!!

To quote Blue Oyster Cult, “I’m not the one to tell you what’s wrong or what’s right…”

Just kidding. My vote is take the custodian job and get back right in the system, especially if your clearance is already with them.

Both jobs are with the same agency, this is why I’m so confused as to what to do at this point.