Loss of jurisdiction status

Just got left a contracting job. When applied for a new one the status came back as loss of jurisdiction and now my clearance doesn’t look active. What does that mean? Will I be able to make my clearance active again or will I have to be submitted for a new one?

This seems to be a common problem and can usually be handled pretty easily by your new FSO. It may be more difficult depending when your last investigation completed and how long ago you left your last position. There are others here, who have worked as FSO’s who can give you more specific advice.

The last investigation dated was Feb 2018. Was my reinvestigation date. And loss of jurisdiction was dated on Nov 2019

Also want to know if it makes the process longer to reactivate it.

Your FSO can handle it. You were left with sponsorship and The CAF removed your allowance or jurisdiction. Your FSO will request an update and you’ll be ok.

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What is the status on your application? I am in the same spot as you are. CAF requested a new SF86 form last month and I am still waiting.

I have a new job offer and the company submitted for jurisdiction so just waiting to see what happens now. Did not have to submit a new SF-86 I guess because my clearance was readjudicated in 2018.

My new employer submitted RRU early November, CAF requested new SF86 form 6 weeks later. I had my last reinvestigation completed in Jan 2018. Updated SF86 form is completed on Jan 22. Still waiting.

It has been 19 days since submitting SF86 and it has been picket up by the government yet.

As of 4/28, my case has still not picked up yet. It has passed 8 days from the termination date (90 days after submitting SF86). My FSO said the cases don’t expire until another 30 days. I don’t have any hopes anymore.