Loss of Jurisdiction Issue

I left my prior company over a year ago before adjudication, and my TS reads Loss of Jurisdiction in JPAS. I interviewed with another company, and the FSO said he can put in a CSR and they would just adjudicate my investigation, probably within a month. Since I left my previous company and have been with my new one for over a year (which isn’t a cleared job), would the adjudicator have to obtain new info or will they just review what is in front of them. I really don’t want to restart this process.

Mine restarted from scratch. I only had 3 weeks in between jobs. My 2nd job start date was last Nov, submitted new SF86 in Jan. Investigation closed in mid August. It has been in adjudication over 2 months now and dead silence. It is probably case to case. Good luck.

If you have no previous favorable adjudication that is in-scope. you’ll likely start over again.

I think it is hard to say for sure, I’ve known people who got clearances picked up that by rights should not have been. Maybe not in exactly this situation… an investigation that was not finally adjudicated… but unless you’re going for a position that requires “staff-like access” (ie a picture badge and computer access) then there is likely to be some flexibility as long as the investigation is not TOO old. Maybe you will need to fill out an SF-86c to update your old forms, but I think there’s a good chance they’ll be able to pick you up quickly… given the limitations I mentioned above.

Its odd because my FSO said that he seriously doubts that I will need a new investigation so I dont know why he believes that. My last BI closed in April, 2019 and I told him that. What’s the point of making someone redo the entire thing when you could just do an SF86C to update certain things?

Hopefully the reason that your FSO is optimistic is that they have been down this road before and experience tells them that you’re in good shape.

I guess some places use the SF-86C, others would rather get a whole new form.

Time will tell.