Is waiting in adjudication for more than 3 years normal

I submitted SF86 in August, 2018 for TS. The polygrapher was able to “resolve” my poly back in September 2018. Got a re-interview with another BI, June 2021. Application current status is “awaiting adjudication”, it has been that way since around early 2019. Requests for status from my FSO result in the same response each time (awaiting adjudication). Is a 3 year wait normal/reasonable?

Unfortunately it seems like it’s more of the norm right now. A lot of people are in the same 3 year boat as you, especially for higher clearances in the IC. Just keep being patient and hopefully you’ll hear word soon.

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Thank you. I appreciate your response. Just confused, the world outside is moving forward while we’re waiting (although don’t want to lose the opportunity either, since already waited 3 years).


Wouldnt say it is “normal” but certainly not unheard of.

If there are red flags on the background investigation, is it possible for a case to even go to adjudication? I had read a few posts that talked about Naturalized citizenship, foreign ties (supporting family overseas) etc. that play a role during adjudication - how does the adjudication work in such a scenario? I work with a lot of colleagues that are foreign born and have quite a bit of family ties that got through the process with no problem.

The fieldwork portion does not stop because of issues. The case goes to adjudication unless there is a loss of jurisdiction.

Yes, it is frustrating to work a case where I believe that Subject should not have a clearance (or even be considered for one), but unless they present certain dangers, I have to proceed with the investigation regardless.

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What is “normal” will depend on who is doing the adjudicating. This is not unusual in the IC.

Sorry, I am a bit confused. I am not aware of “loss of jurisdiction” and a quick search actually led me back to clearancejobs: The Obscure DoD Policy That Trumps a Dreaded “Loss of Jurisdiction” - ClearanceJobs
There is mention of JPAS (which apparently is replaced by DISS) etc.
I have yet to read through and look up all this.

You have to have some kind of “sponsor” in order to have an active clearance, which is almost always an employer of some kind. Someones when these cases take a long time and then linger in adjudication, the person may lose their job or decide to change jobs; sometimes it is not so easy for the new employer to pick them up.

I believe this is the “loss of jurisdiction” situation. It is also possible (I think) that a person may change positions with the same employer and no longer require a clearance, and end up in the same situation.

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Is it possible to find out the case number for a case in adjudication? Is this information available - via FSO or otherwise, to track the status (I read on another post that the agencies processing the application/adjudication don’t always have a system for tracking these, I’m thinking hopefully they still have an internal system to keep track of stuff)? Also, for contacting my congressman I’m wondering if you would need some kind of application/case number.

You don’t need a case number to contact your congressman.
They usually have a dedicated form for this type of inquiry (fill in your info, social, agency processing your clearance, your signature…).

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