Almost 4 years and still waiting (SC)

Good evening,

It will be 4 years for me waiting for my secret clearance, yes secret clearance! This May 2020!
I submitted my sf-86 on end of May 2016
Interview on 9/16/16
They interviewed my wife by the end of the year 2016.
Around April 2018 went to adjudication and
Since then I’m waiting!

My FSO calls every couple of months and they told him it’s still in process and last time there was a movement or someone check the file file on August 2019.

I really don’t understand why it’s taking this long? It’s really affecting my life and family, all I need is an answer and yes/no :frowning: a lot of pressure and stress in my life, it’s eating me from the inside, can’t show it at work because I don’t want to lose my job, but I go back home and feel very desperate, I don’t spend time with my kids and wife like before, stoped enjoying my hobbies, the people at work start making jokes about it and I feel they think I’m a bad person because all of them get it and I don’t. I never had any problems in my life, never even had a traffic ticket or never had a late payment and my credit score always very good.

Please is there anything I can do to make things moving forward, any advice please? Do I need a lawyer, should I contact my state senator? Any help will be really appreciate, thanks.

First thing . . . I always advise people not to treat this as life or death. If you don’t like your current job, look for another and don’t just wait for your clearance to come through. Live your life.

This is sound advice for pretty much everyone, pretty much all of the time.

On your clearance . . . None of us can explain why it’s taking so long either. It doesn’t usually indicate that things are going in one direction or the other. All that we can really say is that sometimes it takes longer than others. We have seen people here wait three or four years before being denied AND we have seen people wait three or four years and be approved.

Have you reached out to your congressman? Your senators? Do both. Call their local offices and explain what is going on. Most of them have seen this in the past and know how to reach out and get a something of a status. They can’t push the investigation one way or the other and they can’t even push it to be moved along. But, I think that often, their inquiry causes someone to look and say, "Why HAS this been sitting here . . . " and it gets moving.

In the meantime, review the adjudicative guidelines and see if you can find anywhere that you might have a problem. You are in the best position to know what is in your past and present. Feel free to ask questions here at any time. Don’t wait another year before you post again!


@EdFarmerIII Thank you for your replay! It’s not a matter of life or death, it’s more like you start something and put a lot of time, patience and hard work and you don’t want to give it up. Just like you start 4 years college and in the last year you give up and go back start all over again somewhere else!
I’m not a quitter by nature and I don’t want to give up until they come back and tells me you denied! Even though I will try to appeal.
I will wait for my FOIA request to come back and see if that will make someone look at my file and say let’s finish this it’s been here for so long. Plan B will be contacting my congressman and/or senators.

Where can I review the adjudicative guidelines? Thank you.

Why wait to contact your representatives? That’s what they are there for. You’ve been waiting for four years. Get your rear end in gear and make things move!

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I usually try to be optimistic and not be too dire in my responses but FOUR YEARS for a SECRET CLEARANCE??? Has to be some kind of record and not the kind you really want to set.

Yeah, contact the local rep, contact US Senators (not state senator but the US senators from your state) and no need to wait for FOIA to come back… how long ago did you request that by the way?



Now the lawyer of my company told me to wait until I get the FOIA response and them see. I’m with you, but I don’t want to cause confusion for them.

I have one friend waited way too long and it took him about 3 years and 2 months. But he got it at the end. He was the worst case in my company, now I broke his record unfortunately :frowning:

My company lawyer are moving now and try to contact some law firm specialized with this kind of cases and hopefully they can get me some answers or advice, they advice to wait for my FOIA to come back.
It’s been 4 weeks since I submitted it.
Thank you :pray:

I am sorry you have had to wait so long. I guess you really have nothing to lose reaching out to your congressman or senator. When I read things like this it doesnt give me a warm fuzzy feeling that my own process with be any faster.
Anyhow at this point id reach out to a congressman. Its easy to say live your life when you already are “in” but for those who arent and are super excited its hard.

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I don’t give up so easily, specially when you confident that’s nothing wrong from your side!! It’s just one of these bad luck situation, maybe someone probably forgot about my file or something :frowning:
My company talked with an investigator came to interview a couple guys at our company and he told them that there is no backlog anyway and the cases moved, but once it’s in adjudication process, it’s hard to know the status or details, they always told my FSO that is my file in the process and nothing wrong.

You can try to call the FOIA office and get yours expedited. I called the office like 7 days after I submitted, just to make sure they got it and some how got mine in like the next two days(didn’t ask for that at all). I can only imagine it was because the guy I talked to did something. Mine was a email request too so that might matter as well.

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Thank you for your advice! I just called the FOIA office and talked to someone. The good news is, the have my file and it’s in queue for process, but they didn’t mentioned how long more it will take, it’s been 4 weeks as of today.

Did this helped you in any way? I mean filing the FOIA request?

I can’t say, Im still in adjudication. I did a FOIA/PA because I had a bunch of issues and wanted to have my file in the event of a SOR.

Honestly my process has been pretty quick to be fair. Submitted mid November, interviewed early Jan and case closed mid Feb.

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Wooow, I thought mine is taking long time. I was offered conditional job as linguist. I got my test and interview on March 2018. submitted my Sf86 around May 2018. my contacts were interviewed around July 2018 investigation completed around Sep 2018. I haven’t heard anything since then. Mine is for Top Secret. If yours talking 4 years for Secret Man i Can’t imagine how long mine will take. Might as well forget about it and live your life as @EdFarmerIII mentioned. Let us know if you get any update.

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EdRarnerIII is correct. Get on line and look for your local congressman. Then complete the electronic form that is submitted directly to him. A congressional inquiry always rises to the top at organizations where a request is submitted.

You are not confusing the situation and it is the best way to get a resolution in the shortest period of time.

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Hi FCB 1899

Sorry to hear your clearance is taking so long, it makes me nervous about mine.
May I ask what did you apply to? Keeping my fingers crossed that you will get approved immediately!

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My company lawyer are consulting specialized law firm in DC about my situation and getting some advices from them, also I’m waiting for the FOIA to come back.
My FSO contact the CAF and talked to supervisor, they good news that my is not lost and adjudicator are really working on it, they also correct some dates for us, someone from my company got them wrong before :frowning:
My investigation closed On Aug-2017 and stayed pending for almost year and a half!!! When to adjudicator on Feb-2019 and still there.
There are some other details I can’t talk about it now, will let y’all know if there is any new update.
Wish me luck and good luck to everyone here :pray:

If it’s helpful, I work for Fedral contractor not government.
My guess, working for government, the process should be faster!

Nothing is moving now with Corona. Heck I’ve not posted in 60 plus days here.

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I got my top secret in 9 months. Only issue is mental health for anxiety. No other issues tho.

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It seems the Perspecta initiated a TC for me in 2019 and it took 10 months they said I was and employee but treated me like they didn’t know me I inquired at 6 amd 8 months and they denied it had been approved…unfortunatly it had been completed and they faile to notifiy me until they had a calss coming up. They tend to lie to you, so I incurred the full charge for the background after I turned them down for the class, having taken another job to survive. It seems they lie about the charge, and can’t produce the documents they were suposidly charged for…I think the company sucks and it should go out of business…just my opine.

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