Security Clearance process too long

I have had a security clearance process ongoing for almost 2 years and have not received any updates, decisions or information since January of 2020. Is there any way I can find the status of my application or talk to someone about it?

What happened in January 2020?

That might be your answer to what’s happening.

But - Several options:

**Go back to the email you received inviting you to complete the eQuip (SF-86). There should be a signature block in the email with contact info. See if there is a persons name or a phone number to use.

**Reach out to the hiring official with your questions.

**Contact the HR group that’s hosting the position. Keep in mind, if it’s contracted the HR/employer is NOT the job location but the group or company who has or will be paying you to work.

**Initiate a FOIA request for a copy of your investigation report.

Generally, the clearance process takes a while - especially if the position is nonessential. Your situation is not rare by any means.

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To find out the status, you can submit a FOIA request and you should receive an email or document that has additional insight on your investigation status and key dates around it.

If you want to talk to somebody about it, you can reach out to your Senator or Congressman and they will make an inquiry to the sponsoring agency regarding your clearance. There are multiple posts here that go into the congressional inquiry process.

Is this federal or contract position? Also, which agency?

Who is sponsoring the clearance? If it’s a company, do they have an FSO you can contact?

Thank you for the suggestions. I will initiate a FOIA request. It is reassuring to hear my situation is not rare.

I keep in contact with my HR group for updates and luckily they are holding the position for me so far.

It is a contract position. I have contacted both my Senator and Congressman to make inquiries about it. Unfortunately, all I can do is wait.

The FSO of the company has been checking every week to see if it has cleared. They have contacted the agency and were told it is awaiting a decision from the adjudicator. Other than that we cannot do much of anything else except wait.

Was January 2020 the date you found out it went to adjudication? If so, then it has been less than a year which is not unheard of, especially given all the covid-related shutdowns and slowdowns. Agencies fell behind and direct hire applicants undoubtedly take priority over contractors.

Adjudication is the least transparent part of a very opaque process. It is the “Don’t call us we’ll call you” premise at its finest.


We have found this out the hard way. However, hearing the various responses does help. I hate the waiting and I really am fortunate that the company is patient.

My PR started over two years ago and I didn’t enter adjudication until March of this year… and am still awaiting. Initials and PR are on the proverbial back-burner right now.

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