How do I know where I stand

30 months since filling SF86. Done with (2) polys, no follow up question or concerns at agency’s part that I know of. My secret clearance is sponsored by a major govt. contractor. Only POC is recruiter and get told periodically that it’s still going on. Any though what stage my process might be at? Has it taken this long for anybody else?

People have had luck contacting their local elected officials and having them look into it on their behalf. Some clearances and agencies take a long time and some investigations do fall through the cracks. So there is no harm in contacting your elected officials.

for others with this question - generally, you can contact your agency or contracting company’s FSO or security office and ask for a status update.

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You need to contact an HR person or the FSO for the facility at which you’ve applied to work. Recruiters are very unhelpful after you’ve made it into the security processing stage.

Thank you. FSO has been of little help, initially they would reply at least to my emails but as days have gone by, haven’t even received any general response, very disappointing. I will reach out to my representative. It’s been two and a half years since my process began.