2 years and waiting in silence...

I submitted the SF86 forms (for a job directly with an agency [no contractor involved]) in July 2019 and haven’t heard back apart from the seldom “still in processing, no updates” emails. Is it time to write to my US Congress representative?

I’ve heard of people getting results from a congressional inquiry into the status of a security clearance, but never heard of getting results asking about job application status.

However, it is a nagging problem that the intel agencies lose a significant number of talented applicants because it takes so friggin long to go from application to hire date. That might be of interest to a member of congress, particularly one who is on a relevant committee.

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I’ve seen this happen more often than not. We’ve lost so many valuable team-members to private/non-cleared companies/jobs that I cringe just thinking about it. They just had enough of a process that tests your patience to the limit.

I feel like Im reaching that point as well. Over 2.5 years since passing poly and I was asked to resubmit SF86 earlier this year and get polyed again “because of the length in time”. Im about done.