Nearly seven months since SF86 submitted - no visible action

Dear all,

Should I be concerned about this situation?

I submitted my SF86 in mid to late May for a TS clearance.
In mid to late August I got an email saying “the security packet for _____ has been accepted…the security action request is being processed by _____.”
Subsequent contact with the hiring agency (at the end of September) was simply that the investigation is in process.
An email to the investigator in November was not answered.

I’m not able to check whether they have checked my credit record, as far as I know none of my references have been contacted. I have not had a subject interview.

Does this sound concerning to you or is this somewhat normal? Is there anything I can do to find out what is going on?

As far as I know they were seeking an interim clearance but I haven’t heard that that was cleared or denied either.

Thanks in advance for any experience, thoughts or comments you may have…

Not sure if your question is directed at any of us on the site or just the moderator, some of us have been waiting almost a year…(11 months for me almost 12)

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Hi, yes, my question is directed at anyone. You have been waiting almost one year with no action? Have you had your interview?

Hi there has been action. Actually interview in March 2016, investigation closed in the last few weeks…but over all its been over 11 months since submission…Still not in adjudication if I understand this correctly…

Oh and I need a full can’t do interim…wasnt denied was never asked for!

Normal? No.

Typical? Yes.

Have been told totally normally… unfortunately

Feeling apprehensive. I received email from PSIP on 8 Dec 16 stating they had all required documents to proceed with investigation…on 12 Dec 16, the Korea area CPAC POC who sent me the TO emailed me and gave me two dates for an EOD. I selected 8 Jan 17. On 14 Dec I was sent a firm offer with EOD of 8 Jan 17. I accepted and now I guess waiting on orders? My concern is that this seemed to moved too fast and that the CPAC HR is just going through the motions. My old boss, a full bird Colonel did tell me they requested an expedited process. Not sure what that means. Is it really possible that they just used my current military clearance to maybe justify and award me an Interim for now? The hiring manager/unit (19th ESC Chief of Staff) was my OIC prior to me leaving and retiring from Korea. Just looking for some sort of validation or thoughts from anyone on this situation as I dont want to begin to pack and scramble just to be told a week from now that I was denied an Interim and now cant proceed until I get my actual clearance. Hope this made some sense. Best Regards to al.

Thanks for explaining. Good to hear that others are also encountering difficulties and it’s not only me!

Appreciate the insight!

Seems like you could just ask them about it… Ask them how they could just start an investigation and a few days later are asking you for an EOD…


I did email CPAC and asked that question but the Korean National HR I have been conversing with from day one told me he assumed so since they are asking him to do what he is doing. Like sending me the firm offer with EOD date. Still just does not give me that confidence that it is moving accordingly in a correct manner but as all things, patience is a virtue. Appreciate the respone.

I’ve been waiting 11 months now. You should be alright.

Thanks Dedwards for this information. Have you also experience that none of your references have been contacted? Have you had your subject interview?

I have not heard from any of my references that they have been contacted but my manager from my current occupation was. Yes I did have my subject interview in late July. It just seems that the process will be a slow one. But I’m only going for a secret not a TS. So hopefully you get yours soon.

@dedwards1987 dedwards1987- did they ever notify you that you didn’t receive interim? If so, when?

I never received a letter or email stating it was denied. It doesn’t work that way. I asked my FSO a few months into the investigation what the statues was and I was told eligibility pending eligibility. Which means your interim was denied but are still going through the process.

@LeeRoy sorry I didn’t tag you in the reply above.

Time for celebrating! My TS came through in mid Dec. A week shy of 14 months. Have my starting date for a new job and am very happy. I was tempted many times over the duration to make calls and send emails inquiring about my Clearance Status. But I did not. I was contacted about my interview and had that within days or less of being contacted. Mine lasted 5 hours. He said most don’t take that long. My references both personal and professional were interviewed in many different states and in my state and my neighbors were interviewed. I hope this helps relieve you of some anxiety. I went out and got another job and worked that for a year to make ends meet while waiting for the TS. Please have patience! Trust me. I know it is hard when your whole livelihood and future is depending on it. I felt that if I were to continually call the Agent I would be keeping them from actually doing some work, which would slow the process down even more for everyone involved. I felt the same way and had the same concerns. Patience is a virtue. Good luck and may your clearance come through even faster.

13 months since SF86 submission for a DOE Q. No refs contacted, no credit pull, no investigator contact, nada. Those who submitted in early 2016 are starting to get clearances, the scuttlebutt is that the new investigator hires are only being assigned to the new cases.