Is this a normal timeline?

I submitted my Eqip for top secret (sf86) early August last year. I haven’t heard anything, from anyone. Nobody of my references has been called, and it’s been almost a year. No subject interview scheduled.

Im seeing some guys get contacted for interviews after only a few months, but I’m still just floating with nothing to show. Any suggestions are appreciated!

I submitted my SF86 in 11/16. I didn’t have my interview until 05/18. No one on my reference list has ever been contacted. They did talk to two coworkers.

I would not say it was normal, but it is not completely abnormal either. I’ve heard of folks who got cleared and never heard of any of their references being contacted. This is because sometimes the investigators will develop their own leads.

When it comes to background investigations, everything is normal, and nothing is normal. It is hard to say what is and is not ‘normal’ anymore.


I was just notified of a Secret clearance that took just under 12 months. Stellar credit, no drugs. The backlog is killing everyone.

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I haven’t heard from anybody or anything, is there anyway that I can get a hold of my investigator and give him an updated binder with all pertinent information since a lot has changed including state I live in, job, address, etc?

They will contact you and during the interview ask you to confirm everything then make updates on the spot. No biggie

Moving to another state is critical information for the T5 process. Have your FSO report the move through the process, hopefully it will be forwarded to NBIB. Otherwise you will have to wait for an investigator to contact you for information to tell them the new info.

Is a “POC” the same thing as an FSO? I was assigned a POC at the beginning but the one time I called her, she said “you have to wait” and hung up on me. I called her and said “hello my name is Daniel and I was hoping to get some information on my clearance process.” “You have to wait!” Click

a POC maybe an FSO - or could be your recruiter.

If you do not live in the same area as you listed as your “job location” on the first employment entry (most current employment) then your case will be reassigned once NBIB finds out where you are really located.

Sorry - this is how the computer determines where to send the Subject interview agent/investigator.

I get frustrated reading inappropriate responses from fellow FSO’s. They are correct you need and will wait but sometimes it can be as easy as picking up the phone to update info so you do not waste a bunch of people’s time. A bit of empathy for the candidate can go a long way.

Does anyone know how long it has been taking to get interim clearances approved? It has been about 4 weeks since my eQUIP was passed to the government. Any insight would be helpful! Just trying to plan out the next couple weeks and figure out when I will be starting a new job.

Soooooo can you be my FSO lol

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