My Security Clearance Timeline

Zero criminal history or drug use.

August 29, 19 SF 86 submitted

September 19, 19 Interim Secret Granted

Oct 10, 19 Initial Interview
had 3 things to discuss he went to his supervisor to confirm that nothing would be needed to provided additionally. He told me not worry and that one the things I admitted to and resolved didn’t even show up on my credit report. and he would submit my stuff the next week.

They have not contacted my references, is it possible that they will not contact them? I was told by new hires this year they all got cleared in 1.5 - 2 months. At what point should I be worried if they have not contacted my references?


I have same issue,
Zero criminal, no drugs

I applied way back in 2017, got called on interview Mid Feb 2018, submited SF86 around end of march, Investigation started around end of June, Most of my contact got interviewed in person and some got called. Investigation finished and got submitted around end of September 2018.
I got a phone call from DOD around march of 2019. I think it was either Sat or Sunday. Just told me that we are still processing your investigation if your still interested. Since then i have not heard anything. I contacted my requiter about 2 weeks ago. He told me that everything is in house and they don’t have access to find out the process. He told just wait.
by the way i’m being investigated for Top Secret.
I heard that the back log went form 7k to like 2.5k. Hope its thru.
The investigation officer told me back in July of 2018 that this process will take long time.
Just be patience. Keep doing what you doing live your life. once day you will get it.

Did you have a T3 or T5 BI? I am assuming a T5.
So it it was a T5 and for a TS, 1 year to 2 years wait is normal.
We had an IT guy with 20 years of military background and 5 years of IT experience working as a Secret, wait for 2 years for his TS.But then his case was different in a sense that he had a secret/well paying job, so he didn’t care or stress much. He just kept working until his TS came last month.
So my only advice is: hang in there, it could be in the adjudication and in a few months you will hear positive news, that’s what I did.

I had a colleague who had Interim Secret and from IS to Final it took about 6 months, so no worries, you are very fresh, I mean your SF86.
I don’t know if this is the case with every interim, but it seems once you have your interim, it is a while until you get your final. Maybe it’s because they think they granted you interim, so no rush, you are at least working for now, so they will process your final with a delay! I don’t know for sure, but this is what I saw with a colleague.

20 months is not currently unusual for a TS with Poly. I have seen Secrets take a full year as of late too. If you go beyond 24 months I would push for answers. But even the 7 I am waiting on maybe stuck in the system until then as well.

you have the same timeline with me,
I got interviewed with investigator, my references and wife got interviewed in person too.
I just asked my Security officer at work, he said that keep waiting.
I have one co-worker he is american born and raised, he apply on april 2019, and he just granted secret clearance.
He didnt get any interview, it was about 7 months for him to get clearance.
Mine is different, I am foreign born and most of foreign born get interview.
I heard that if you got interim clearance, you still have a chance to get denied on the final clearance, is it true? Does anyone know how many percent I will get denied if I still have interim clearance?

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Is it true that the backlog went down significantly since 2 years ago? If that’s the case, should people reasonably expect to get a TS within a year, year and a half if they have no major issues (no drugs, debts, arrests)?

I am just trying to get secret, which is why I am worried my references have not even been interviewed.

Secret normally can be complete with National Agency Checks. If there is nothing there, no further work required. Depending on how much pull the organization has, is it an operational or a support job, complexity of what they find…there are many variables. Right now I am seeing a slow down of an additional 2 to 3 months.

So for a secret is it normal for them to have not contacted my references by now? If its not normal for it to take this long should I just line up another job? Did a lot of investigators get layed off? I have my interim but there are things I need to do for my job that I need a final for.

Yes sometimes none of your references will be contacted (speaking from second hand experience).


Keep all options open. Always have other non cleared avenues to explore.

I got my final granted!
Zero criminal history or drug use.

August 29, 19 SF 86 submitted

September 19, 19 Interim Secret Granted

Oct 10, 19 Initial Interview

Jan 3, 20 Final Secret T3 clearance granted

None of my employers or references we contacted and I was not notified when my investigation was completed. I wanted to update this post because maybe some of you are in the same boat I was. Where months have gone by and nobody was contacted, apparently this does happen. So just wait and try not to stress.

Congratulations @Grand,
I am in same boat with you, but didnt hear anything yet.
I am foreign born and married with non US citizen, that probably take longer than you, I guess “Single”,
I heard that on Q4 2019, the processing time very quick.
I hate waiting bro.

Happy 2020 everyone. How many folks in here are several years into the process? I’m coming up on three myself but see lots of folks getting through in far less time, just wondering who the outliers are.

I a little over 2 years since applying and 18 months since submitting SF86. This is for a TS SCI.